Get Dad to Quit Smoking for Father’s Day

Cigarettes are just plain unattractive; you know it, dad knows it, we know it. They smell, they make you smell, and they pose a number of health risks including stained teeth, increased chances of developing cancer, and the dreaded “smoker’s lung.” Instead of a T-shirt or a round of golf, give your old man something he will be truly grateful for this Father’s Day: Give the gift of clean lungs by convincing him to switch from smoking to vaping.

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We’re not knocking traditional gifts like tee time and apparel, but breaking free from the tight grasp of Big Tobacco is something that anyone would appreciate help with — especially the man who helped to shape you into the bright, young individual that you are today. Getting your dad on board with the vaping movement is easy. On the off chance that he puts up a fuss, explain the benefits to vaping.

Here are a few points that you should highlight:

 Flavor variety
Cigarettes only come in two flavors: gross and grosser. E-juice flavors, however, are available in hundreds of delicious flavors: sweet, savory, rich, sour, etc. Appletini? No problem. Butterscotch? We’ve got you covered.

Variable nicotine levels
The option of gradually lowering your nicotine level means that you can quit without going cold turkey, but eventually end up at 0mg of nicotine.

Improved social life
Explain to pop that he can make more friends if he doesn’t constantly smell like an ash tray, and that he will have more time for activities now that he’s not taking smoke breaks every half hour.

With our Father’s Day promotion running through Sunday, it’s even easier to convince dad to put down the cigarettes and pick up an e-cig instead. Visit our online store and enter the promo code: VapingDad at check out to receive 20% off of gourmet ejuices and 40% off of an eRoll Kit. If your dad is already immersed in the world of vaping, here are some other sweet Father’s Day gift suggestions. Happy Father’s Day and happy vaping!


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