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Introducing | Pink Spot Dripping Flavors Line

Dripping FlavorsWe told you! We’ve been working on some amazing things over here at Pink Spot Vapors. We’re experimenting with new flavors, new accessories, and working on our new Dripping Flavor Line.

What is this Dripping Flavor Line?” you ask. Let us enlighten you.

What is Dripping?

Vaping technology has improved greatly over the years. With companies like Joyetech leading the revolution, we’ve greatly improved our options. Still, there are those who swear by dripping as the best way to vape. Dripping is a slightly different process from regular vaping. It involves more control, precision, and some technical changes to the eCig device. Drippers get stronger, thicker hits with some of the most intense flavor you’ll ever taste. Ever!

Since the early caveman days of dripping, the eCig industry has developed technology that makes dripping more effective. You no longer have to take apart your atomizers move things around and hope for the best. Now there are products specifically designed for those of us who like to build our own. Why alter someone else’s small time atomizer in hopes of getting the taste and clouds you want, when you can make what you want, when you want it?

Not only have we vapers been able to develop amazing technology to make dripping easier, but Pink Spot Vapors has managed to come up with some superior quality eJuices to go along with it. Our new Dripping Flavors Line is specifically designed for those who prefer the dripping method as compared to traditional vaping.

What’s different about The Dripping Line?

Our Pink Spot Vapors team and some of our best mech-mod customers got together and voted on the 12 best flavors for dripping. These are flavors that are easily intensified and We took those flavors and amped up the VG to the max, lowered our nicotine levels, and made them all around amazing. Now you get that one of a kind, quality, Pink Spot flavor with a thicker cloud big enough to show everyone else just how you like to vape. They pair really well with the organic Biowick cotton for a fresh and clean flavor, without the work of boiling or harsh taste of treated cotton.