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Making The Switch to eCigs

making the switch to eCigs

So you’re thinking about switching to vaping – Congrats! Quitting cigarettes is hard, but you’re here because it’s the right thing to do. For many people making the switch to eCigs a roller coaster process. For me, quitting took three tries. For some of my friends, they were able to quit cold turkey – no problemo. It’s a highly personal journey. But we’re glad you’re here.

Here is some helpful information about making the switch to eCigs:

Nicotine Levels

One of the best things about vaping is that you get to control exactly how much nicotine goes into your ejuice. Start out at a level that is necessary for you. As you go, you can transition to lower and lower levels. There’s a whole range of choices from the highest – 36mg, all the way down to no nicotine. The choice is yours.

Need help figuring out your nic level to start out with? We recommend asking a professional. Our Pink Spot Vapors representatives will help you with this in-store, or you may call during business hours at 702-655-VAPE.


How often are you vaping compared to how often you used to smoke? It’s a really important question to consider when you’re first putting out your feelers in the vaping world. A major difference between vaping and smoking cigarettes is that you are able to vape indoors. So are you planning vaping at work? In the bathroom? While shopping around on the Pink Spot Website? These are all places that it’s just not socially acceptable to be smoking a cigarette, but it’s totally fine to vape. If your frequency is going to increase, be sure you are paying attention to the corresponding nicotine levels.

Know the ins and outs of vaping

Make sure you do your research to figure out everything you’ll need. To be successful in making the switch, education on what you’re doing is key! This will help prevent frustrations and from wasting your money. Make sure that you are going to a reputable source for your eJuices and products. Have fun with it and try tons of different flavors. You’ll see that after quitting cigarettes, your taste buds are more alive, and suddenly that Pop Tart tastes like the best Pop Tart in the universe. Your access to eJuice combinations is endless so don’t limit yourself to a tobacco flavor.