More committed than ever – part seven

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I went back and read my last post and I am so angry at myself. Really… why am I continuing to smoke?  I have all my answers right in my post! Smoking is a crutch. I am not letting myself quit! Am I really that weak?? NOPE

This is it! I am going to quit smoking and get out of my own way and really focus on the positives that come with being smoke free. I keep reading that it might take a few tries to quit but I haven’t even tried! At least if I try, I can see how hard it is going to be! Hell… what if it’s easy?

I can’t continue this cycle. I refuse to be a statistic! I am quitting smoking and I am more committed than I have ever been about anything else in my life!

July 1st… That’s the day. That is the day that I am going to quit smoking for good.

A date is set, my mind is determined, and I’m not looking back!

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  1. Margaret B

    Hello More committed than ever. I can totally relate to what you have been going through. I started smoking when I was 15 and at 50 I smoked about 2 packs a day. I had never said I would quit because I knew I would never be able to do it. When I was pregnant my husband would scream at me every time I lit up. The more he yelled, the more I stressed out and the more I needed a cigarette. He tried to get my Dr. to make me quit but she said if smoking helped reduce my stress that it was actually better to cut back as much as possible and that he was not helping by getting angry all the time. I did get down to about a 1/2 pack a day. Had to have my morning one and always after I ate and any other stressful moments. There were a lot which is why I am divorced. My son, by the way, came out perfect. Anyways, when vaping became an option I decided to try it. I had some criteria like needing smoke (vapor) to come out just like the real thing. I started with (and still have) a spinner battery that has a refillable tank and changeable coils. I thought I would miss the flavor of cigarettes but once I tried the Pink Spot Watermelon Wave I never looked back. I realized a lot of the time I smoked was just that they were sitting there next to me while I watched TV and I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that I chain smoked cuz I liked smoking. I decided to put my cigarettes in the other room so I would have to actually get up and go to smoke. That is kind of like how you don’t smoke in your house. That is a great start so good for you. Once I found the kind of Vape Kit that tasted good and worked without leaking and had the nicotine I was dependent on I was able to quit cigarettes completely. My last cigarette was on March 29th 2013. I no longer have a smokers cough, I don’t need inhalers for COPD and my clothes don’t smell. I am so grateful that they invented vaping. I believe it has completely changed my health and my life. I love Pink Spot Watermelon Wave juice and wish I lived in Vegas so I could come in the store. That’s another amazing thing is when my local shop stopped selling it, I was able to contact Pink Spot directly and have it shipped to my house. Just so you know, this is the first time I have ever been on a Blog so I hope I am doing it right. I hope I answered some of your questions. Have confidence in yourself that you can quit. If I can do it you can do it too.

    1. Pink Spot Vapors

      Thank you Margaret! Congratulations on your quitting smoking, your post is so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I will post an update soon.

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