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Most Frequently Asked Vaping Questions Part 2

faq blog header_edited-1Why does my tank leak?

While most of us have had our tanks leak on us from time to time we don’t always know why this has happened. It’s easy to think the tank is defective or broken. While once in a while this is the case, most often the leak is caused by an issue that can be easily diagnosed and fixed.

  1. Coil position. With all of the different coil types on the market and many of them becoming larger and more powerful, what you used to know about your coil and how it worked may have changed. Coils either push or thread into place. Often times when you open your tank to refill it you can easily unthread or remove your coil part way. This can not only cause your tank to leak on you, but may also result in your coil no longer making connection to your device. So after every fill make sure to check that your coil is still firmly in place.
  2. Elevation and heat. Many people don’t realize that something as simple as a change in elevation can cause the pressure inside your tank to change as well. This vacuum being altered can force juice past your seals or through your coil causing your tank to leak and become slurpy. Simply keeping your tank upside-down in a cup holder or seat back while changing elevation can prevent the juice from being forced out the bottom of the tank. When you get to your destination simply open and close the tank to reset the pressure to match your current location. You also have the option of emptying your tank before travel but this isn’t a required step. The same thing can happen when the summer heat interacts with your tank. Not only can this change the pressure in your tank, but it can also thin your juice making it even easier for it to flow past your seals and through your coil. So as we head back into the summer months, please keep your tank in a cool place, helping ensure your juice stays in your tank.
  3. Soft or hard draw. Some of you are experienced vapers and others have just started. For those of you who remember when the only type of device was an ego battery and a low powered tank, your newer more powerful device may be causing you a head ache. You were told over and over not to draw too hard on your device or the coil would flood. Now this is still true with lower powered devices, but the new higher powered devices are quite the opposite. The harder you draw on them the better they work. Not only does this keep the juice flowing and burning at an even rate, but these new devices use the air pulled in from your draw to keep the coil cool. These air cooled coils need your hard draw to keep from flooding and overheating. So make sure you know what kind of tank and coil you are using and draw appropriately.

What’s all this about batteries exploding?!

Many of you have read horror stories about vaping being dangerous for various reasons. Rarely if ever do these wild and scary tales end up being true. Stories of batteries exploding are no different. Now there have been a few batteries in the past that have been over charged and resulted in venting. Now, if you buy your device from a reputable source it will be equipped with overcharge protection and stop charge circuits. So please don’t think saving a couple dollars is worth buying sub-par hardware from the guy who can’t tell you how it works, or worse yet from some online store that shows you a picture of genuine product and ships you something different. There have been a few of these incidents in the past, but lately you seem to hear about it a lot more. These more recent issues seem to be caused by something even easier to prevent, a lack of knowledge. When you were a kid and needed to bring along extra batteries for your boom box or game boy or any other battery operated item, your parents told you to keep them in a separate container. Same goes here with your mod and its batteries. If you throw your extra batteries in your pocket or in your purse with your loose change, those bits of metal or the static electricity in your pocket is going to complete the circuit around that battery and allow the power to flow from it. Only without a chip or coil telling that battery exactly how much power to release, it’s just going to pump out as much power as fast as possible causing a catastrophic vent. This could burn your leg, melt your purse in half, or hurt you in some other way.  So again what’s with all these batteries exploding? A lack of knowledge, preparation, and/or respect for these devices and their parts. So please carry your spare batteries in a separate, nonconductive container.

How long are my batteries/coils supposed to last?

This is one of the most asked questions in all of vaping, and that is because there is no real answer. Asking this is like asking how long a tank of gas is supposed to last you. For both situations you need to ask similar questions. If it were your gas tank you would ask how big is the tank, how big is your engine, do you drive city/ highway/ both, do you have a lead foot? So do the same when asking about both your batteries and your coils. How big is my battery? The MAH or Milliamp Hours listed on your battery will give you a good idea of what you are working with. But just because your ego battery is 1000MAH and your 30W iStick is 2200MAH doesn’t mean your 30W will last more than twice as long. If you use the same tank at the same setting with the same vape habits, this may be the case, but usually it’s not. If you are using higher wattage settings, your batteries will not last as long. If you have recently changed your nicotine level or the tank you use or any of 100 variables, you can be sure this will have an effect on your batteries life, big or small. This goes for coils too. Just because your coil says it can handle 15-60W doesn’t mean the coil will last just as long on both settings. Just like the same way gas won’t get a city and a highway driver the same distance. Now don’t fall into the trap of thinking the lower the power the longer the coil life. Now this used to be true, but with new coils designed for more power, running your coil too low can cause it to burn out quickly as well. This allows for more resin and build-up to form, where if the coil were kept hot enough, this resin would not have solidified. This can happen more often with a thicker darker juice. Although newer coil types allow for better juice flow for less clogging and better vaping.  So come into Pink Spot Vapors today and be as honest as possible with our knowledgeable sales staff so that they may help you decide what average coil and battery life should be for YOU.

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