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Most Frequently Asked Vaping Questions

faq blog header_edited-1How much nicotine is in a cigarette?

I know many of you out there have thought about this, and depending on who you have talked to, may or may not have gotten a good answer. The truth, there is no set amount of nicotine in a cigarette. In a traditional cigarette the nicotine comes from the tobacco plant. There are so many variables in the growth of a plant. I’m sure you green thumbs out there can attest to that. Because of this, each cigarette can contain a completely different amount of nicotine. That’s why at Pink Spot Vapors we find it important to understand your history with tobacco. We don’t simply throw a catch all number at every customer. Finding the right nicotine level for your ejuice is one of the most important parts of vaping. There are many variables we must take into consideration to make sure you are getting just the right amount to give you the best shot at never going back to traditional cigarettes.

What’s in this stuff? (eliquid)

So many people out there really want to know what is in their eliquid. Moving on from traditional cigarettes, there is a lot of curiosity about what you’re moving on to. Well the truth is I can’t tell you what’s in every ejuice. With all the different brands on the market today, and no real enforced standard for production, many companies will make whatever product tastes ok and can be made easily.

We at Pink Spot Vapors are not just any company. We select only the finest ingredients. US Pharmaceutical Grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and US Pharmaceutical Grade Propylene Glycol (PG) make the base of our ejuice. They are the foundation of any good ejuice. Now PG and VG can be purchased in many grades from many places, but we spare no expense in getting the best so you can be sure you aren’t being exposed to anything you don’t need. The VG creates the vapor and the PG carries the nicotine and flavoring while keeping the ejuice fresh. Without the PG your ejuice can go bad very quickly. VG as its name states is a vegetable derivative. We all know how fast vegetables can go bad, and they aren’t very appetizing after they do.

We also use US Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine for all of us that use it in our ejuice. It is USA made, meets EU6.0 standards, and is 99.86% pure. This is important not only because you want the best, safest nicotine, but also because cheap nicotine that doesn’t meet these standards can mess up the taste of a perfectly good ejuice. I know a bunch of you know what I mean. A juice that tastes fine at zero at a stores sample bar, but once nicotine is added it gets that terrible peppery taste that ruins the whole bottle.

Food Grade Flavoring…

With all the crazy things you hear on the news, the last thing you need is to wonder about what could be hiding in your ejuice. That’s why at Pink Spot Vapors we not only seek out top quality ingredients; also EACH flavor has been tested by a 3rd party lab for diacetyl and acetyl propionyl. Check out each flavor’s E-liquid analysis online. Now I know that doesn’t answer what is in ALL ejuice out there, but hopefully knowing what’s in Pink Spot Vapors ejuice will stop you from having to find out the hard way. Go ahead, make an educated decision.

When should I step down my nicotine?

This is a question that is very important in making sure you are successful in your vaping endeavors. Doing this right the first time can be the difference between staying cigarette free, and starting back at square one. With that said, every person is different. There are the few people that can drop quickly, the people that need to take a very long time to lower their nicotine level, and everyone in-between. The one thing that remains constant is, if you drop to fast, you run the risk of stumbling right back into the arms of cigarettes. So after years of advising people successfully these basic rules have emerged.

Take your time. Changing from traditional cigarettes to vaping is a big change.There is no reason to rush this along. You are changing your habits, but also your mindset.You most likely smoked for years, so thinking you can knock this out in a couple weeks isn’t your best bet. Take baby steps. If you start at 18-24mg like the average new vaper, there is no reason to jump down 6mg at a time. That is going to be a big shock to your system, and increase your chances of failing. At Pink Spot Vapors you can pick and choose the nicotine of your ejuice mg by mg. So if dropping 2mg at a time helps keep you on track then do it. Once you’re away from traditional cigarettes for good you’ll be glad you did.

How long will my coil/ ejuice last?

With all the different devices, tanks, coils, and everything else on the market; there are too many variables to give a definitive answer. Not to mention the greatest variable of all, you. Asking these questions is like asking someone how long a tank of gas lasts. That depends on what car they drive, where they drive (city or highway), whether or not they have a lead foot, and how well they take care of their car. The same is true in vaping. Some of you out there have basic entry level mods, while others have high powered cloud machines. Some vape all day long like their mod has sprouted from their hand, while others vape only after work or on breaks. Some keep their ejuice in a cool dry place and their mod clean as a whistle, while some slap together the last bit of juice from six leftover bottles into a tank that has seen better days. There is nothing wrong with any of this. Your style is your style, and if you’re vaping you’re moving in the right direction. The helpful staff at Pink Spot Vapors can use the information you give them to give you a pretty good estimate of how long all these things will last; but short of spending a week with you, watching your every vape, they won’t be able to tell you exactly to what to expect. Only you can truly get a feel for your vaping style, and Pink Spot Vapors can point you in the right direction. We have devices, coils, and juice to support any vaping style.

These are just a few of the FAQ we get here at Pink Spot Vapors. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have many more that we would love to answer. Please send us your questions and look for the answers at soon.