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Moving Day – Part Four


It’s time to move!

Moving day is upon me and so far, I have been trying to cut down on the cigarettes and continue vaping. I feel like I am doing good with vaping, but I am still buying the same number of cigarettes, just as often.  It was suggested that if I feel like smoking, grab my mod and tell myself that I should wait 20 minutes before I smoke, and see if I can keep convincing myself that I don’t need to smoke. I can wait the 20 minutes, but then light up when the time is up!

Maybe it is the added stress of the move. Maybe it is the added stress of everybody’s attitude towards the move. Maybe since I haven’t really noticed anything different, I am starting to feel defeated ☹

I am happy to report that I have embraced the move and I am excited for the new scenery, new location, and new neighbors! As I mentioned previously, this house is half the size of our previous house, but it felt good to get rid of so many things that just filled a space or was hidden away because there was so much space. Everything in our new house must serve a real purpose or its out! I am excited to get the unpacking done and find a new home for the items that made the cut!

One huge plus… My husband and I agreed that we would NOT be smoking in the house. It is one way to make it difficult to smoke. My goal, I know its small, but a goal nonetheless, is to keep testing myself to wait longer and longer before I need a smoke. Plus, now that it is inconvenient to smoke, I hope it becomes easier to pick up my mod and vape!

Were you discouraged when you first started? I assumed that this would be an easy transition… was I fooling myself?

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  1. Ben Edendale

    I think your have made an excellent plan. Recently I and my wife, we both have decided to stop smoking in the house. Its difficult! And the thought about quitting is actually reminding me to smoke more often! lol! But I am trying my level best to distract myself. Just to help myself to quit smoking I am adopting the habit vaping and I am discovering that actually it’s fun to vape! Though I am still struggling but hope to be successful one day. Your writing is awesome and it has got a feel of interaction so could not resist to share my experience and plan. Thanks!

    1. Pink Spot Vapors

      Thank you! Please keep in touch and share your progress with me. Wishing you good luck 🙂

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