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Must Try Flavors in 2016

must try 2016It’s a New Year, why not try a new flavor? The saying “straight from the horse’s mouth” might be a bit confusing, but let’s go with it. Instead of hearing us brag about our delicious ejuice flavors (we maybe a little bias) we have complied a list of our best sellers from 2015 along with REAL customer reviews. Hear what your fellow vapers have to say about our Top 10 Must try flavors for 2016.

Root Beer
Who doesn’t love this American classic? We love it so much that we just had to make it into an ejuice flavor! Feeling really patriotic, just add our French Vanilla to make it a Root Beer float! Available in our Dripping Line too for all you cloud chasers out there.Click here to check out our entire Dripping Flavor Line.
“Exactly as advertised. A classic root beer taste. Reminds me of the root beer candies. Very tasty.” – Dan ★★★★★

USA Blend
When first trying to make the switch from analog cigarettes to vaping, USA Blend is the way to go. USA Blend is a bold tobacco flavor similar to a Marlboro Red. We know it’s a tough road to Quitsville and we are here to help!
“Absolutely delicious, such a nice flavor you won’t put it down!!!!!!” – Jennifer ★★★★★

The king of all tobaccos is here. It’s a nutty. It’s creamy flavor. It’s full of flavor. See how advanced your palate is and try to figure out exactly what’s in this amazing complex tobacco flavor.
“I never thought I’d say this, but this has beaten out my all-time favorite flavor I had before trying this. Literally, love this stuff. It’s even better than specialty tobacco flavors I have purchased at twice the price of Swagger! Nothing could be done to improve this flavor. It’s perfect.” – Joshua ★★★★★

One Love
Peanut butter and banana is a classic. Elvis liked it and how could the king be wrong. Little known fact: Bob Marley and U2 both sang about One Love and also loved peanut butter and banana. We had no choice but to create this flavor. One love really had a great 2015 and soared to the top ten of our charts.
“This vape is so unique. I can taste banana and peanut butter, and it’s such a perfect combination. Great idea Pink Spot!” – Julia ★★★★★

Oh My Berries (OMB!)
One of our newer additions to the lineup. OMG OMB makes me feel like the captain of my own ship. This flavor was inspired by one of our employees. He was looking for a flavor that would combine his love for breakfast and dessert. After explaining to him that bacon probably wouldn’t work we came up with this juice. Try this amazing flavor and write your own review!

Pink Spot
This cocktail flavor was created at a martini bar on the Las Vegas strip. Inspired by muddled fruits and simple syrup. The signature flavor that Pink Spot Vapors was named after, hits the right spot every time
“I am new to PSV, but I have tried 4 of their flavors & have loved each one. Great quality…. yummy e juice! This Pink Spot flavor is really good!! ~ I am just so very pleased with this company. Actually… I am tickled to death with Pink Spot Vapors!!” – Brandy ★★★★★

Ultra Violet
This flavor duet is like nothing you’ve ever had. It’s a little bit country, it’s a little bit rock and roll. Try not to belt out your own favorite duet number after you’ve tried this amazing ejuice flavor. Available in our Dripping Line too!
“Ordered a 12ml bottle ‘on the rocks’ with my 30ml riptide just to give it a shot. I thought riptide was the final favorite for all day vape, but I am now back to order the 30ml Ultra Violet as it has now become my favorite all day vape. In addition, I have tried many different brands of ejuice and Pink Spot has found a permanent customer. Their service is great (not to mention the free sample!), ridiculously fast shipping, and simply come across as a very professional business. Thanks Pink Spot!” – Tyler ★★★★★

Gummi Bear
This delicious vape seems to befuddle the taste buds of many. We have heard many descriptions (see below) but the one constant seems to be “we love it”. This one is available in our Dripping Line so you can get your cloud on.
“2nd one in my sample pack I tried and OMG. You know the little mixed color marshmallows? This is exactly what it tastes like to me. I let it steep for about 2-2.5 weeks….Amazing flavor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Cassandra ★★★★★
“Love this flavor! Tastes exactly like sour patch kids! Ordering a bigger bottle today!” – Jessica ★★★★★

This flavor can stand alone or you can use it to enhance your all day vape. All you have to do is click the “on the rocks” button when ordering. Heck we’ve had a customer order menthol on the rocks! The process to create our menthol is lengthy and with all the positive feedback it is definitely worth it. (check out other flavors with Menthol “On The Rocks”)
“The REVIEWS above say it loud and strong!!! THE BEST MENTHOL I have found!!!! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!!!! Perfect Menthol flavor, even as a 0mg nicotine… just tasty!!!!! I love it!!! THANK YOU PINK SPOT!!!!! ;)” – Blue ★★★★★

Honey Cured Tobacco
Once you’ve comfortably made the switch to vaping with a traditional tobacco flavor, try adding a little sweetness with Honey Cured Tobacco. Still a strong tobacco flavor, with a delicious spoon full of honey to top it off!
“Honey Cured Tobacco is my go to e-juice. I will never leave home without a bottle of it with me! To me, it is the greatest tobacco flavor out there! A perfect blend of honey and tobacco flavors do wonders to my taste buds! Definitely recommend Honey Cured Tobacco for anyone looking for a strong tobacco flavor matched perfectly with the sweet taste of honey.” – Brandon ★★★★★

Of course, these are just 10 out of over 100 gourmet flavors available here at Pink Spot Vapors. Check out our full line of gourmet eliquid flavors and find the perfect one for you. Once you’ve tried these amazing flavors write your own review and help your fellow vapers out! Get more bang for your buck and order our sample pack.