Navy embraces e-cigs with introduction of “Vape Decks” on aircraft carriers

021127-N-3653A-003The U.S. Navy is jumping onboard the e-cigarette bandwagon, much to the delight of those who vape, according to an article on The Navy’s aircraft carrier, USS George Washington, recently became one of the first aircraft carriers to offer a smoke deck solely for vapers.

This recent update comes after centuries of changes for smokers, including centralized decks onboard ships for those with an urge to smoke traditional cigarettes. Researchers made sure that there was enough demand and desire for an e-liqiud vaping deck before unveiling it in July 2014.

One of the main benefits of the new vaping deck is that it offers sailors a chance to transition over to e-cigs, avoiding the ashes and smoke that regular cigarettes produce. The new decks also help to maintain cleaner surroundings on the ship in comparison to traditional smoking decks.

Sailors seem to appreciate the efforts to move away from regular cigarettes, as is the case with Aviation Maintenance Administrationman Third Class Zachary Dixon, who relies on vaping to ease the transition from traditional cigarettes. With a smoking deck designated specifically for vaping, Dixon and other like-minded sailors not only benefit from having their own separate space, but also from having a social atmosphere.

The goal onboard USS George Washington is not to promote or prohibit smoking, but to allow sailors to use such products in order to be ready for the work that lies ahead. Sailors are also permitted to use their e-cigs on traditional smoking decks if desired.

George Washington’s success with its new vaping-specific area clearly has a positive impact on those aboard the ship. This success makes it likely that some of the Navy’s other aircraft carriers will follow suit and provide a separate space for sailors who prefer e-cigarettes.

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