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New eJuice Flavors at Pink Spot!

Hey Vapers!

As promised, 2015 is sure to be filled with lots of great new things for Pink Spot. To kick off our new year, we’ve come up with two AMAZING new flavors. We’ve been hard at work testing and re-testing to make sure that each vape is smooth and filled with delicious gourmet flavor. So far, they’ve been a huge hit!

Bluberries and Cream eJuice First up is Strawnanigans. You’ll go bananas over this smoothie-inspired eJuice. It combines two powerful fruit flavors in a creamy, delicious vapor. Order it with custom nic levels, or request extra VG for dripping. Mech Mod Vapers are going crazy over this flavor!

Strawberry Banana eJuice FlavorNext up: Blueberries and Cream (no longer available) Just like it sounds, this creamy blueberry bliss is packed with essential nutrients that will enhance your memory (*valid only when consumed with real blueberries). Vaping Blueberries and Cream is sure to make you drift off into an endless daydream. Get it “on the rocks” for that menthol cool taste. As with all of our gourmet eJuice, feel free to customize your own nicotine levels!

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Happy Vaping!

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  1. Brian

    Wildly varying flavors are arguably the greatest advantage of vaping, and these are awesome examples. Very nice.

  2. Sioux Leedy

    We’ve tried many flavors from your company. Not a one is icky. Though we do have our favorites for sure! your juices are just better tasting than everyone else’s. Which is why we continually buy our juices from only YOU and will continue to do so. Current family faves are Xanadew and Riptide and Caramel Apple. Prior to xanadew I love loved the pear o melons. now xanadew is my fave melon to vape. Besides your wonderful juices the people who work here are SO NICE and helpful no matter the reason for my calling. LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS!!

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