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New Year’s Resolution

Quit Smoking New Year's Resolution | Pink Spot

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Each year on January 1st, about half of Americans resolve to make improvements in their lives. It turns out that one of the most popular resolutions we make each year is to quit smoking. It’s a great goal to have, and there are unlimited reasons that back up why you should finally resolve to do it.

When you smoke analog cigarettes, your body goes through a lot of unhealthy changes. Your brain responds to the addiction by going into withdrawal when you try to quit. You’ll have symptoms like anxiety, irritability, and cravings all because your brain is missing cigs. But those temporary symptoms are worth it when you look at what cigarettes are really doing to you at the core.

Hearings loss. Blindness. Night vision. Cavities. Ulcers. Sores. Gum Disease. Wrinkles. Stretch marks. Increased blood pressure. Thick and sticky blood. Heart attack. Stroke. Increased Cholesterol. Scarred lungs. Inflammation. Asthma. Chronic cough. Emphysema. Respiratory infections. Cold and flu. DNA damage. Cancer. Weight gain. Type 2 diabetes. Kidney failure. Amputations. Low estrogen. Dry skin. Thin hair. Memory problems. Decreased fertility. Early menopause. Erectile dysfunction. Weakened immune system. Deteriorated muscles…

Do we need to go on? (If do you want more details check out

I’m sure you’ve seen it enough from all of the anti-smoking ads. Really, quitting cigarettes is the best thing you can do for your health. Take advantage of the New Year to get started!

It’s one thing to aim to smoke less. It’s another to actually do it. Setting goals and accomplishing them can be a lot harder than it sounds, and there is plenty of research to back it up. Once you decide to quit, you have to do it with a smart plan. Knowing your downfalls, weaknesses, and potential solutions can help you succeed in the long run.

Here are some quitting tips from the experts (and the experienced quitters):

First, set a date. This is the easy part. Pick a day within the next two weeks that you can really commit to. Two weeks gives you plenty of time to stock up on supplies, evaluate your triggers, and prepare mentally.

Tell your family and friends that you are quitting. Getting a “team” together that is willing to root for you can make all the difference when things get rough. Let them know why you are quitting and hey! Maybe you could even make some plans to do fun things (that don’t involve smoking).

What obstacles do you think you might run into? Road bumps are a natural part of the journey, right? For me, I had a hard time when I got cranky or mad. The withdrawal symptoms are hard to deal with but trust that they are only temporary. Have a plan in place for when you do have setbacks. Know what your triggers are and figure out ways to deal with them or avoid them all together.

One of the best parts about switching to vaping is the wide array of flavor choices you’ll have. Your choices were pretty limited before – but now you can vape with any flavor from Cherry Limeade to Happy Ending. Use this to your advantage when you start craving cigarettes. Replace your cravings with an ultimately healthier alternative.

Set specific timelines with yourself. Say, for example, that you are starting off your quitting adventure by switching to an eCig and smoking a cigarette only once per day. Make sure you have an end date in sight where you aim to be completely off cigarettes. With vaping, you have the ability to lessen your nicotine intake by adjusting your nicotine level. Can’t do that with those “stink sticks”.

When the going gets tough, don’t forget that you have your Pink Spot family here to back you up. Lots of us have gone through the switch from smoking to vaping and I guarantee that we all had different experiences. We wish you the best with your New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy Vaping!