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The Newest Flavors on the Market are Here

The much anticipated ejuice flavors new to the market are finally on the scene. The latest e-liquid collection adds to the diverse range of available PSV flavors today.

xanadew e-liquid refillXanadew” is among the new class of e-liquid flavors. With a light melon flavor, Xanadew is one of the crisper, lighter sweet flavors. It’s great to wake up to on a calm spring morning with your coffee.



Ultra Violet eliquid refill

Looking for something a bit stronger? Try “Ultra Violet”! A robust pairing of blueberry and pomegranate, this flavor is among the sweeter liquids offered for electronic cigarettes. A fruity, flavorful burst, Ultra Violet is made for the ultimate flavor seeker. This flavor is the fastest flavor to go from release date, to the Top Sellers list!


raging bull blue

If you really want that extra kick, and love energy drinks, give the “Raging Blue Bull” e-liquid a shot. With hints of Blueberry flavor and a nod to very a popular energy drink, the “Raging Blue Bull” is a strong flavor sure to excite your taste buds.



Cafe MochaDo you like chocolate? How about coffee?? Of course you do. Give the “Cafe Mocha” eliquid a taste. For a ‘decaffeinated’ burst with a surge of coffee flavor, Cafe Mocha will not disappoint! With strong coffee bean flavor mixed with sweet mocha chocolate, it’s a great alternative to high calorie coffee shop cappuccinos and lattes.


With new flavors coming out each month, Pink Spot Vapors gives you tons of variety to keep your vaping experiencing as exciting as can be. With many delicious flavors chose from to vape, why would anyone want a traditional cigarette ever again?