Noticing the Benefits – part ten

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It has been two months and 11 days and I have no desire to smoke. I think it is safe to think that I am past the worst of it. I don’t feel the constant urge to smoke. I feel like I can leave the room and not have to take my mod with me… like I will be ok. I feel like I am ok to share with you what I love about not smoking! I am sure you have experienced these before, but they are new to me and I am so excited about them!

I can smell things again. I walk in my house and I smell freshness! Most likely the plug ins I have plugged in, but I had a hard time smelling those before!

Taste – Everyone says things taste better and they aren’t lying! Things taste amazing! Even just a plain ol’ chip tastes so much better!

Living in Las Vegas, and it being 110 degrees plus… and not smoking in the house (vaping ok) means I am not standing outside or in the garage sweating!

The fact that I can put lotion on at 7:00 in the morning and still smell it on me at 6:00 at night is a huge plus that I didn’t expect!

My hair smells amazing – always!

Kissing is soooo nice. Because my husband and I both smoked, it wasn’t a huge deal to us. Now, kissing is so nice when you don’t have that nasty burnt taste in your mouth and on your breath.

Side note – now my husband points out my garlic breath! Haha


Like I said, these are just a few of the advantages I have noticed. What other things did you notice when you stopped smoking?


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  1. Robin S

    I have been vaping 10 yrs-11yrs in Nov 2019. I experienced many of the new realities that u have.
    I had smoked for 33 yrs. At 4 months & 2 yrs, I passed both pulmonary function tests. At 9 months, my sleep apnea disappeared and was able to get rid of my CPAP.
    My vocal range shifted up likeI was in high school again.
    And, I love to smell things again-roses, lavender, and my wet dog HAHA!

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