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Options Baby – Part Three


Options baby!

I told you that I was shocked at how many options were available to vapers and today I’m going to touch base on that.

As a smoker, I religiously walk to the counter and ask for my two packs of cigarettes, feel extra lucky if they had a 50-cent coupon emblazoned on the wrapper and maybe even buy 4 packs! I love when they offer a coupon for my health! NOT! I am noticing that my attitude towards cigarettes is changing. I think that is a good thing. I am sure that it helps that I am here in the office and I see the constant success stories of our customers who come in. I am starting to feel inspired! For that I say thank you to our Pink Spot Customers!

Options: I’m trying to stay focused 😊

So, I’m not exactly a vaping virgin. Many moons ago when Pink Spot Vapors first opened, I was introduced to the E-Cab. Skinny like a cigarette, but not quite. I had trouble with the button. (smoking was easier… no button) I also had an issue with Juice getting into my mouth and found smoking easier. I guess that is the idea right. I gave up on vaping and just continued to smoke.

A couple years later, I was invited to a Pink Spot Vape meet when they opened the new store. I wish I could remember which device I used but I just can’t. It was easy enough to use, and I was somewhat happy to see the vapor coming out of my mouth. It somewhat mimicked smoking, but not enough to satisfy me. I said before… I like seeing that smoke come out of my mouth.

Jump forward to today and my how the industry has changed. Pink spot Vapors has always had great flavors. I know you think I am biased because I work here and only have experience with their hardware and e-Juice. Not true. My family (the smokers) had tried to quit. (remember my nephew and his school project!) They went to a shop close to them and dropped some serious cash for all four of their devices and favorite juices. Oddly enough, they all got Zero Nicotine e-Juice. I remember when I was at the Vape meet, I was asked how much I smoke and they were intent on making sure that the nicotine would be sufficient for me to replace my current level. I mentioned to them that I found it odd, but they said it wasn’t presented to them. I tried their e-Juice and it wasn’t bad… It wasn’t great either. I also found it hurt or burned my throat a little. I will get into that in another post as I have learned quite a bit since I started working here.

Focus… where was I?

Yes, the industry has changed. I am shocked at the hardware and juice flavors that are out now. There are so many options! So many reasons why vaping has become a norm and cigarettes are becoming the abnormal stigmatism that the vaping industry once held. I love that there are kits you can purchase and the vapor it provides is amazing! I love that if you don’t really care about the vapor, and just want something to help you get off cigarettes, you have options. If you want to build your own, you have options. Batteries? Check. Rechargeable? Check. Big and weighty? Check. Fit in the palm of your hand? Check. E-juice? Check, check, and check! Did you know that Pink Spot Vapors has over 100 proprietary e-juice flavors? From beverage flavors like Café Mocha or Tropical Punch, to sweet treats like Caramel Apple or Grape Cotton Candy and everything in between. Cocktail Flavors, Baked Goods, Fruit Flavors and more, you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy! If you have no idea where to start, come by and let one of our Pink Spot Family members give you a tour of your options!

Tell me… have you upgraded your device since you started?

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