Pink Spot’s E-Liquid is Made in the USA: Why This Is Important

The e-cigarette craze has helped millions cut down on their smoking. But, like any other product, you get what you pay for. Many e-liquids mixed and sold in other countries have low standards for quality, are made in unsanitary facilities, and may be labeled with inaccurate nicotine content. Find out why you should buy an e-liquid made and mixed right here in the United States–and how Pink Spot Vapors is raising the bar for quality and a satisfying vape.

Pink Spot's E-Liquid is made in the USA

Cleaner Facilities and Better Ingredients

You’re going to pay a little more for an e-liquid blended in the United States. But here’s the upshot: even in an unregulated industry, Pink Spot Vapors holds itself to the highest standards set forth by state health department. When your e-liquid is made in the United States, you can count on clean facilities and a production process that prioritizes quality, safety, and consistency. In addition, while e-juices made overseas can contain dangerous additives, Pink Spot Vapors uses a simple recipe. All their e-liquids contain only propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavorings. Long-time vapers know that a blend of PG and VG, compounds that have been safely used in food products for decades, make for the most enjoyable vaping experience. Many manufacturers use only PG, which results in a harsh throat hit.

Getting Your Nicotine Level Right

For the perfect vaping experience, it’s critical to get the right nicotine level. Start out too low, and you might find yourself smoking conventional cigarettes again. Start out too high, and the resulting headaches and throat hit might turn you off to vaping altogether. Also, many vapers want to step-down their nicotine levels to eventually quit nicotine for good. For these reasons, you need to know exactly what’s in your e-liquid. While cheaper juices are often inaccurately labeled, you can trust an e-juice blended in the United States. Pink Spot Vapors offers a range of accurately measured nicotine levels from 36mg all the way down to zero.

When you make the choice to Vape, Vape the right way!


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