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Grasshopper Cocktail Drink Flavored E-Liquid

Grasshopper is yet another cocktail inspired e-liquid flavor. This classic Crème de Menthe frozen cocktail is a mastered blend of chocolate and whipped cream. Perfect for any occasion. Cool blasts of Crème de Menthe flavor will transport you to arctic bliss.

We create Grasshopper e-Liquid and the rest of our cocktail and drink inspired e-liquids using a 60VG 40PG blend.

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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12 reviews for Grasshopper Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. Sandy

    Reminds me of chocolate candy mints. You know the hard ones you get at the store. I love this flavor. It tastes good!

  2. Jeff

    Really didn’t thing I was going to like this one, but I was completely wrong. Reminds my of Andes Mint.

  3. ROTJob

    This tastes exactly like Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints. Delicious!

  4. Nick

    After opening the bottle and smelling this, I had a feeling I would fall in love with this juice. It just isn’t for me. I think if the mint flavor were toned down a bit, it would be a lot better. It’s a great quality juice, and I can see how plenty of other people would love it. Its worth a shot if you like minty flavors

  5. Andrea

    Similar to Andes Mint but Milder! It was good. Kind of reminded me of ice cream.

  6. Alejandro Ros

    Hard to choose which I like better…Creme de Menthe or Grasshopper….well I’ll just have to stock up on both. Very pleasant, when dripping. I’m almost eclusively dripping unless I’m driving or something.

  7. Anonymous

    Based on previous reviews of this juice, I was really excited about it. But after trying it, it’s not something I can take for too long. Maybe there is too much of the creme de menthe flavor for me. I love mint, which is why I ordered it, but the creme de menthe makes it a little too bitter (for lack of a better word) for me.

  8. lynn

    I really like this one!

  9. David Riley

    Favorite flavor so far, a nice creamy mint and chocolate taste.

  10. Troy from NC

    A great flavor…..I used to smoke menthol, and this really hit it for me, one of my top 3 favors…..If it comes out a bit bitter or strong on the mint, I would suggest mixing a bit of french vanilla with it to lighten it up some.

  11. Alex

    I got this as a sample with my regular order of blue raz cotton candy… I love this one so much more and I didn’t expect that one bit. I got it on the rocks, it’s amazing!

  12. cdecocq (verified owner)

    I have been a DIY creator of my own e-juice for 7 years. That being said, I’m hooked on grasshopper. I was never able to get good chocolate flavor mixes. This delicate blend of creme de menthe, chocolate (creme de cacao) and cream is amazing. If you are a fan of Andes mints, or Baskin Robbins Mint chocolate chip ice cream, you’ll probably love this one! The mint predominates over the creamy chocolate, but it’s heaven in a tank!

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