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Bubble Gum E Juice

Our lip smackin’ Bubble Gum flavor is sweet simplicity at its best. The ultimate long-lasting flavor bubble gum that you never have to worry about the flavor disappearing. It just gets better with every delicious vape.

Pink Spot Vapors mixes our eJuice at 60VG 40PG ratios to make sure you get a smooth and delicious vape every time.

Happy Vaping!

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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14 reviews for Bubble Gum Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. The Ricker

    i am not a dentist, but i am the son of one. and i do have to admitt this is pretty bad ass! once again great vapor!-The Ricker

  2. Reli

    I ordered the sample pack including the bubble gum. It is my daily vape so far. It tastes just like the gum from a baseball card, powder and all! It’s a mild flavor so it just seems like you are chewing gum all day. Good vapor, mild th. I will be ordering more!

  3. Jake Crank

    You remember the little pieces of bubblegum we used to get as kids? They cost around five cents at the gas station and they had a little comic on them? Well, this is what it is. The taste is awesome and this is and always will be my all day vape. I think I have probably overwhelmed Penn and Sandy with all of my bubblegum orders. Thats how good this liquid is. You can try and cheat yourself and buy bubblegum liquid from a chinese site, but none will every compare to the bubblegum liquid that Pink Spot puts out. Simply awesome

  4. Sandy

    The flavor is kind of light. It does taste like bubble gum which makes it a yummy vape. I could vape this all day. I do like it but, I wish it was a bit stronger.

  5. Whit C.

    I got this for my hubby bc he’s a bubble gum enthusiast. (He loves BR bubble gum ice cream!) One taste by me and I am hooked. We used up a 6ml bottle in one week! It is very true to flavor. I love to mix 3 parts bb gum, 2 parts menthol, one part pink spot. The bubble gum isn’t very sugary so it actually grounds the sweet flavor of Pink Spot! Kudos to PSV! I just bought the 12ml of this!

  6. Theresa Doster

    My only critique would be that it needs to be a touch stronger in flavor…. it’s a bit like gum you’ve been chewing for a while so the flavor’s not as strong as it was when you first put it in your mouth. It does taste great, though!

  7. franck

    this flavor is very good, one of my favorite so far.

  8. RevTrip7

    I love this flavor and it’s a good juice. I badly want to give it a 5 star but this juice needs some revision. It came into my possession as if slightly watery, even at 70/30 VG/PG. Not sure if my request was neglected or it’s just the way it is, but this need a thicker, more flavorful revision and it will be the best juice out there.

  9. Anonymous

    This is first time I ever bought an e-juice. I feel like they got the flavor perfectly. Enjoying vaping with this all day!

  10. Ryan

    I’ve tried about 40 different flavors on Pinkspot. I’ve been stuck on bubblegum for about 4 months now. wouldn’t have it any other way. love it.

  11. Tallon Bunch

    Awsome Flavor! It leaves a clean refreshing bubblegum aftertaste on exhale and tons of vapors! I just added this one to my top 5 flavor list! Great job PSV! 🙂

  12. Barzin Daragahi

    Loved every flavor I’ve tried so far but this is not so hot. Good vapor, but taste a bit like soap to me. oh well…

  13. Steve in hemet

    Bubble gum inhale taste and after taste…yay! The blend is really good.

  14. Caitlin M Quinn (verified owner)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I’ve been looking for a bubble gum that actually tastes like it & I almost gave up but I gave PinkSpot a try. I’m glad I did & I was so pleased that they do ship to Massachusetts!!! Thank you so much!!!!

    • Pink Spot Vapors

      So glad you like it! It is one of my favorites, too! Very pleased that you found us and that we were able to help!

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