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Sub Zero e-Liquid: Cooling Tobacco Flavor

Heat up the vape, and cool down with Sub Zero from Pink Spot Vapors. A unique menthol inspired tobacco flavor with a crisp minty undertone. Perfect for those hot summer nights.

We blend this premium tobacco e-Liquid in a 60VG/40PG ratio.

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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20 reviews for Sub Zero Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. Kurt

    I like this flavor almost as much as the Menthol flavor – it has a almost christmas candy taste (the cans of hard candy that come out during that time) and a doublemint gum after effect , smooth

  2. Jamezy boy

    Probably the best menthol juice I have used to date. I definitely get the coolness of the menthol on the exhale as well as a slight sweetness from the mint. Almost reminds me of a “dentist-office” like mint. Not a bad thing at all, it’s kind of cool! Overall, haven’t tried anything similar to this. There definitely is something else in there besides the menthol/mint but I can’t really figure it out. I’m not sure if it leans more towards a tobacco or a chocolate taste. As always, taste is subjective so you may pick up on it better. Another quality juice from PinkSpotVapors

  3. scott

    I am usually not a menthol person, but this has so much complexity in flavors to it that it is amazing. I get mint tobacco and somthing sweet to it. This has become my main vape

  4. Tyler Lane

    This flavor is real minty and cool menthol taste, I’m not a big menthol fan but still a great flavor!

  5. Stacy

    One of my fav- has a cooling effect and a slight menthol aftertaste

  6. Nate Harris(DevonMoonshire)

    I was fortunate enough to be able to try this Juice this past weekend and I have a 30 ML bottle which is now about two thirds gone because it is truly very easy to vape all day long. The Mint, (Peppermint flavor to me), and the Tobacco are perfectly balanced so neither is overwhelming. If you are looking for a great Menthol Tobacco juice this is one you simply MUST Try!!

  7. Jiggymcfly

    Being a new vaper I purchased a sample pack and actually picked this one for my wife as she is a menthol smoker. I must say that out of all the ones I got this one is a true winner. I love this juice and I never like menthol cigs. Great flavor tobacco/peppermint with a very mild sweetness and perfect menthol mix. Although I have no other menthol juices I don’t think I need to look any further for a menthol option. This is it!!!

  8. T.O.

    I vape mostly menthol so was very surprised to find this had just a hint of tobacco and was very good! I used it all within a week’s time – it was just that good. Cool but without that run of the mill “menthol”. Will be getting more! Glad I tried it ’cause it is a more complex flavor! EXCELLENT!

  9. JDH

    The sub zero is a really interesting flavor, has a minty feel to it, and its really light, i had a really light throat hit which i like. its not as cool as i expected it to be given the name “Sub zero” but still a really nice vape, i will definitely be getting more.

  10. T.O.

    I enjoyed this because it it NOT your run of the mill menthol vape. I detected a slight hint of tobacco on exhale and actually enjoyed that. Don’t know how they managed it, but the combination of menthol and tobacco was excellent! The closest yet to a real cig. Great throat hit, too! Will be a repeat purchase, for this menthol lover.

  11. Tattooer81

    This is the best menthol I have ever had! Pink spots quality is outstanding. The menthol is just right with a touch of tobacco. I will be ordering the 30ml asap;) Pink Spots eliquid is my one and only.

  12. LK

    I love this menthol. This is the closest I have come to camel menthol. I love this flavor!

  13. Kevin Jones

    I really like the coolness of the flavor and it is not harsh at all. It not overpowering like some other menthol e-juices that i have tried previously. Third time is the charm because after ordering a sample pack and a 12ml. i am now ordering a 30ml bottle so that i will have a good supply of it. This is a winner with me. Thanks PSV!

  14. Anonymous

    Menthol.Love menthol.Gotta have my menthol.This menthol is possibly the best I’ve had yet!It’s not the strongest,or iciest,or the mintiest.Usually an”arctic” or”sub zero”falls under 2 or 3 of those headings.This menthol is strong…but not overpowering.It’s icy,yet not numbing.There is mint( I think) but just a touch.What there is …is a very nuanced cool flavor and it took me a while to figure out what the underlying flavor is…it’s tobacco!!!!Or at least I think it’s what it tastes like if its not being burned.I first tried it about 3 days after I got it and it is so different from the usual icy mentholated…I thought it tasted kind of yeasty.I let it steep for about 2 weeks and what a difference!But even “yeasty” it was damn good.Now it’s amazing,I really cannot fully describe how layered this flavor is.I also found that “riptide” is THE berry juice of all time.Now I’m thinking. ..a few drops of this into some of that?I love PINKSPOT VAPORS!Best service and the best juices!

  15. Mueske

    Cool and minty with a underlying flavor that I cannot identify. Very good. A close second to the sweet peppermint of Snowman’s Kiss. If you were a menthol analog smoker, you would probably enjoy this flavor! You wish you were me now, don’t you?

  16. [email protected]

    One of my top 5 flavors for sure. Very good, can add to any juice and it’s still perfect!

  17. Jessica

    I love this juice. I am new to vaping. About a month and I have been through a bunch of vendors trying to find that perfect menthol. With no success. I was still smoking at least one analog a day unroll I got this in a sample and a few other flavors from psv I haven’t touch an analog since. I’m a forever customer to psv. Thanks guys your great!

  18. Christina

    I visited Las Vegas to see my best friend and I purchased this e-liquid it is the BEST and I have tried ALOT of liquids .. the only think is I live in augusta GA and I have to order online because no other vendors can come close to this liquid .. but its all worth it .. we definitely need a Pink Spot here.

  19. Michael Ennefer (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect. Just what I was looking for in a menthol

  20. Keith

    I’m new to vaping. been a kool smoker for 45 years. i bought a nautilus mini with a 1300 amh battery that was suggested by the store owner. he gave me a few different flavors of menthol type juices. when i tated sub zero, which happened to be the last one I said This is it. such a nice crisp minty flavor and a kinda of sweetness on the back end that i cant quite name. sometimes it hints of bubble gum. anyway i am hooked on this one. best menthol ever.

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