Pink Spot Vapors Has a New Rewards Program

Keep up with vape deals with the PSV rewards program

Great news, vapers: Pink Spot Vapors is rolling out a rewards program for all of our loyal, in-store customers! The program will work similarly to other rewards programs, only better…for obvious reasons. The program is totally optional, but totally recommended.

Here’s how it works:

At checkout, you will have the option to sign up for the program. If you choose to accept, you’ll receive a card, which will give you back a percentage of every spend at either of our two locations. Instead of getting actual cash back, it’s returned as in-store credit to spend on all of your favorite ejuice refills and vape gear. You can also pre-fund the card, similar to a Visa prepay card. Every cent put on the card is saved as long as you’d like and you may redeem them at any time, as there is no expiration date. However, the cards DO have a limit of $400. This awesome program basically makes it impossible to have a $0 balance, so shopping for ejuice and vape gear will always be a pleasant experience.

When you register for the rewards program, you’ll be able to join Pink Spot Vapors’ emailing list and text club to ensure that you’ll never miss a vape deal. Head in to one of our Vegas locations today and sign up!

Happy Vaping!


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  1. Baarent

    I was in on Friday first time.
    I have a new rewards card.
    I wanted to make sure that you have it on file.
    Great Vape Shop, I will also be back to pick up a new battery.
    I will also need some new juice.
    The juices I picked were great
    See you again soon

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