Re-seller Agreement for Pink Spot Vapors, Inc.

Terms of Resale

By purchasing Pink Spot Vapors, Inc. products at wholesale, you agree that your company is an “Official Pink Spot Vapors, Inc.” reseller. The terms of this agreement include:
  1. Pink Spot Vapors, Inc. guarantees the highest quality product. We stand behind our ejuice 100%. If your ejuice is defective (i.e. nicotine level, PG/VG ratio, flavor, size, or damaged in transit), we will replace it immediately. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to lack of sales. Please note, flavor is subjective and we cannot guarantee that everyone will love every flavor. The quality of our product we can guarantee.
  2. Suggested retail price. Re-seller agrees to reframe from selling Pink Spot Vapors, Inc. ejuice below the suggested retail price.
    1. 12ml bottle –suggested retail price $7.95
    2. 30ml bottle – suggested retail price $17.95
    3. 120ml bottle – suggested retail price $59.95
    *International partners convert these prices to your country’s currency.
  3. Tampering: Re-sellers are not permitted to tamper with our product. You may not add nicotine, PG/VG, etc. You may not cut our product. If any adjustments need to be made, please contact us and we make any adjustments for you.
  4. Distributing: Pink Spot Vapors, Inc. is the only authorized distributor. All perks and guarantees are only available to partners whom buy directly from us. If your company purchases from a 3rd party, Pink Spot Vapors, Inc. has no liability of the product you receive.
  5. Manufacture reserves the right to revoke Re-seller Agreement at any time.