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Wholesale Info for Pink Spot Vapors, Inc

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Pink Spot Vapors, Inc.! We’re pleased to be the wholesale e-liquid suppliers of choice for more than 500 shops in 14 countries – and growing!

Since 2009, Pink Spot Vapors has created gourmet e-liquids using the best ingredients available, including USP grade VG/PG, USA made Tobacco-Free nicotine and rich, gourmet, food grade flavorings. Having the best flavor is important, but so is providing a lab-tested, FDA-compliant, pharma grade e liquid product you can feel good about selling to your own valued customers.

For smokers to make a successful switch to vaping, we strongly believe it all depends on the quality of the e-juice and finding the right flavor. By providing wholesale e juices of unparalleled quality and in a variety of gourmet flavors, we’ve built a very successful global family of retail partners that we would love for you to be a part of.

There are many benefits when partnering with Pink Spot Vapors, Inc.

For one thing, you can make our high quality e-juices your own while benefiting from our worldwide reputation for quality and flavor! Not only do we have over 100 delicious wholesale e-liquid flavors to choose from, but we can also customize VG/PG ratio to meet the needs of your customers. All our e-juices are manufactured in our facility, and there is no middle man – so we can ensure that we always have the flavors your customers want most.

In addition, we design custom labels for your e juice bottles, with your company logo next to ours at no additional cost! Swag for your favorite customers is also included with each order. All these are benefits that come with partnering with Pink Spot Vapors.

Ready To Get Started?

We do not have a minimum quantity when it comes to our wholesale e liquids orders, so you can order exactly what you need. You will also get free shipping on any order over $1000. We also announce that your shop is now an “Official Reseller of Pink Spot Vapors E-Liquids” on all of our social media outlets, and include your information on our authorized e-liquid vendor list.

Wholesale orders are processed within 72 business hours after payment has been received. We accept bank transfers, PayPal (fee involved), VISA or Mastercard, and Chase QuickPay. International orders are shipped via our international shipping partners to ensure safe and quick delivery. Tracking information will be emailed immediately upon its departure.

Our goal as an e liquid wholesale supplier is to help people enjoy their vaping experience in a healthier, more flavorful way. Partner with us and share in our success!

Thanks for your interest in the Pink Spot Vapors Wholesale Program!
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