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Steeping Your eJuice

Steeping your eJuice | Pink Spot Vapors

One of the things you may have come across in your eJuice adventures is the concept of steeping your eJuice. Maybe you’ve even heard of “breathing”. They are great techniques that allow your eJuice to develop a beautifully deep flavor. Like fine wine, eJuice can improve with age. Unlike fine wine, you want to pop the top to change the flavor of your eJuice.

What is steeping?

Steeping is really just a way of gracefully aging your juice. Steeping your eJuice involves a little bit of shaking and a lot of letting it sit. It makes your eLiquid become balanced, delicious, and might even provide a better throat hit.

When you order from Pink Spot Vapors, your eJuice is made to order. We like to accommodate all of your special requests (like custom VG/PG ratios). If you custom order a juice, it was made just for you! The nice thing is we have pre-steeped our ejuice for you so you don’t have to play the waiting game like you do with some ejuice. But just like everyone can order their ejuice their own way, some people may enjoy PSV ejuice more at different levels of the steeping process.

How to steep your eJuice

Step one:

Shake. This is best done if you’ve already vaped some of your eJuice. Shaking your eJuice allows for air bubbles to develop and your eJuice will oxidize and get all sorts of air throughout. You should be able to see the bubbles! If there isn’t a lot of air space available in your current container, feel free to transfer it to a small glass jar or something of that nature. The important thing is that you get those bubbles when you shake it.

Step two:

Let it sit. For about a few days, your eJuice is going to age into a wise and well balanced individual by simply sitting (preferably in the dark). Sitting in the dark keeps the sun from damaging the flavor of your ejuice. Put your eJuice in your desk drawer, your closet, your kitchen cabinet, or whatever dark spot you can find. That time of self-reflection allows your eJuice to do things like balance flavors, remove strong flavors, remove perfumey tastes, etc. Though over steeping can cause the exact opposite by adding very strong flavors, perfumey tastes, or allowing one of the flavors in the juice completely overtake the mix.

Step three:

Vape and enjoy! If you have transferred your eJuice to another container, you should probably put it back into the original container so you get your nice sized drips.