The 12 Best E Liquid Flavors: Which Flavors are Most Popular?

USA Blend eJuice Flavor Blend Gummi Bear e Juice Vaping Flavor Banana Nut Bread e-Liquid Flavor Blends Blue Raz Cotton Candy Vape e-Juice Peach Green Tea e Juice Flavor Pink Spot Vapor eJuice FlavorWatermelon Wave eLiquid  Black Mamba e Liquid Flavor Blend Frozen Lime Drop eJuice Vape Blend Rip Tide Vape e-Juice Flavor Blend Swagger e-Juice Flavors Peach Pit Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor

With so many different flavors of e juice currently available, it can be tricky figuring out which e liquid you should try out first. That’s why we’ve assembled the twelve best and most popular flavors for your vaping pleasure.

1. USA Blend

With a musky flavor that is both clean and bold, the USA Blend is sure to satisfy the cowboy inside of you. If the fruitier flavors don’t appeal to you, the USA Blend tastes how you always  hoped an e cigarette would.

USA Blend E Liquid

Jennifer – :

Absolutely delicious such a nice flavor you wont put it down!!!!!!


2. Gummi Bear

Inspired by the popular Gummi Bear shot, this eJuice has all the tastiness of a candy gummi bear, all the satisfaction of the drink named after it, and none of the hangover or calories.

gummi bear e-juice

jason – :

By far my favorite flavor from my sampler pack! It tastes incredible, its a deep flavor that to me and all my friends who cant get enough of it tastes almost EXACTLY like a Red Sour Patch Kid with the sour sucked off…highly highly recommend, you will not be disappointed…at 4.0V with my 2.1Ohm clearo it just gives the most flavorful and good throat hit ive ever experienced. ive found that with my variable voltage device i can turn up or down and find that the juice gives a different profile with every adjustment its insane.


3. Banana Nut Bread

Just like mom used to make! Or maybe even better. This rich flavor is sure to satisfy and doesn’t contain all those carbs.

Banana Nut Bread E Liquid

Susan – :

I found my new love. This is simply the best flavor I have tried yet. Thanks to the wonderful reviews above I decided to try it out and I could do backflips right now. I have not put this down since it arrived in the mail today. I jumped right online and ordered a 30 ml bottle. This just made my whole vaping experience reach an all time high.Thank you so much for creating such an amazing flavor.



4. Blue Raz Cotton Candy

This exquisitely sweet e juice recreates the carnival treat. Created by popular demand.

blue cotton candy e liquid

Alex – :

If you are looking for that extremely sweet taste, this is it. The first time I vaped it. The BlueRasperry is the main flavor I tasted, then the cotton candy kicks in as the aftertaste leaving you Jaw Dropped on how delicious it was. Very Well made product, worth every cent!


5.  Peach Green Tea

Don’t pass this one up. Peach green tea is smooth, subtle, and will ease your soul. The perfect flavor to vape after a long day of work.

peach green tea e liquid

Chris – :

My first 120 ML purchase, after trying the sample I had to have more. Probably the best flavor on this site with a close second being Fuzzy Navel, both of which I get OTR


6. Pink Spot

Our signature blend, this delicious eJuice hits the spot with hints of lime, raspberry, and pineapple.  You won’t be disappointed.

Pink spot e liquid flavor

jetasyoda – :

I started vaping 7 months ago and in the beginning i was going through flavors like crazy, I had a friend of mine give me half a bottle this “On The Rocks” and i loved it. I still try new flavors all the time but i keep coming back for more. Just ordered a 30Ml bottle, lets see how long it lasts!


7.  Watermelon Wave

The refreshing flavor of Watermelon Wave will have you spitting seeds. A must try for fans of flavorful e liquids.

Watermelon wave e liquid flavor

Chasen – :

I really like Watermelon Wave. It’s easily distinguishable as watermelon & reminds me of watermelon jolly ranchers. Super sweet & absolutely incredible. Had to go & get more. I’m so happy they opened a storefront in Las Vegas!


8. Black Mamba

This cocktail inspired e juice has some serious bite. This bold blend is highlighted by blackberry, cranberry and hints of citrus.

Black mamba e liquid

Jon – :

Why oh why does my sample bottle have to be so small??? I tried this and want it all day, but unfortunately I have to wait till payday to order me a big bottle. On the rocks is a must. This and Swagger will absolutely be in my future orders.


9. Frozen Lime Drop

Another great cocktail flavor, what makes this sweet and sour flavor “frozen” is a hint of menthol that will keep you cool.

Frozen lime drop e liquid

Zelphoe Maloney – :

Have to say this is my favorite. I love the tartness paired with the coolness. I get tired of flavors pretty quickly, but I can keep vaping this without it getting old.


10. Rip Tide

With a hint of cool menthol, this signature blend of blue raspberry and strawberry will send you on a beach side vacation, no matter where you are.

rip tide e liquid

Jay Art – :

This flavor is absolutely astonishing. Has a very dominant fruit taste with just enough of a mint/menthol undertone to make it perfect for both fruit and menthol lovers. It also mixes well with a variety of fruit flavors while still bringing that mint to the table. GREAT job guys.


11. Swagger

With a smooth tobacco-based flavor, this is the taste that will seal the deal for those looking to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. Don’t miss out on this one.

swagger e liquid

Bryan – :

Ok.. Why did I wait so long to try Swagger? WOW! What a delicious e-liquid! I am a tobacco only vaper so I normally dont go for sweet/fruity vapes or anything other than tobacco… This stuff is pretty sweet but it still makes me think tobacco… But it reminds me of birthday cake as well… It has a “smoky” tobacco flavor with a sweet mix… its hard to really describe the flavor but if you have not tried it, dont hesitate. Its amazing. One of my top 3 all time favorite juices! Thanks Pink Spot!!! Can’t wait to try some other Pink Spot Tobaccos!!!!!!


12. Peach Pit Tobacco

This e juice is a nice, subtle vape you can enjoy all day. A perfect balance of peach and tobacco flavor, this eJuice may very well become your favorite.


Donald Amico – :

A friend of mine recommended I try this flavor. I am not a fan of Peach flavor at all, however based on her advice I tried this flavor last time I was at PSV. Wow!!! to my amazement was this flavor good. This is by far my favorite flavor that I have tried at PSV. This is truly a HOMERUN. Great as an all day vape. I will be ordering a big bottle of this flavor next time I go to Pink Spot Vapors. Thanks PSV for such an amazing flavor.

Whatever flavor you prefer, you can find the best e liquid on the market at Pink Spot Vapors.


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  1. Summer

    I’m new to vaping and can’t belive how many interesting flavors there are! Peach Green Tea sounds amazing, but can you tell me if it contains diacetyl? I saw in the news that it’s really bad for you. Thanks 🙂

    1. Pink Spot Vapors

      Summer, we provide you with a third party e liquid analysis on every flavor. Just go to the flavor you are interested in and click the “eliquid analysis” button at the bottom to see how the flavor tested on Diacetyl and Pentanedione. The Peach Green Tea you asked for has no Diacetyl. Thanks for the question.

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    These look absolutely amazing, especially Riptide, Frozen Lime Drop, and Black Mamba. Pink spot obviously sounds great too. Going to have to give all of these a try, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. Thanks for the recommendations pinkspotvapors!

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