Tobacco Shooter: Outlaw, RY8 and More Great Tobacco Tastes!


Many vapers are former cigarette or cigar smokers, and come to us looking for comparable tastes or new flavors that let them still enjoy the experience they had before without having to use combustible cigarettes. There are countless tobacco blends on the market – from the myriad flavors of pipe tobacco, to the different tastes of each cigarette brand to the nuances and characteristic notes found in every cigar. Not to worry – at Pink Spot Vapors, we’re keeping up with the times and offer more than a dozen great ejuices to sate the palates of tobacco lovers. Here are six of our favorites for you to try out!


You may know or have heard of RY4, but RY8 is our improvement on this vaping classic. A popular liquid that has been around since nearly the start of the ecig revolution, the flavor blends the smooth taste of tobacco with a subtly sweet, almost caramel sensation. If you’ve tried or like RY4, you’ll love RY8 – so much better than what you’re used to, we doubled it!

Choco Loco

Everyone loves chocolate! OK, well maybe not everyone, but it is one of the most popular tastes in the world, not just among vapers. We’ve taken all the great flavor, removed all the calories, and added it to the great taste of tobacco to make this sweet treat. The chocolate flavor hits first, alerting the taste buds, and finishes with smooth, savory tobacco. You’ve got to check this out for yourself! Insider tip: Get this flavor “On the Rocks” to give it a menthol kick and a taste more like a chocolate-peppermint candy!

Honey Cured Tobacco

A true taste of the South, our Honey Cured Tobacco is another way to blend sweet and smoky tastes together. Boasting hints of real honey in every puff, this taste combines the flavor of tobacco with a lip-smacking sweetness. Great for an afternoon relaxing in the sun or unwinding at the end of a long day, this smooth combination is a perfect blend of complementary tastes.


The Old West outlaw was elusive to capture, but we wrangled in our Outlaw flavor and it’s sure to capture your tastebuds! If you’ve tried the popular 555 ejuice on the market, you’re sure to love the smooth taste of the Outlaw. Featuring a subtle nutty nuance, tobacco fans are bound to fall in love once they’ve got the Outlaw on the run in their ecigs.


You’ve heard of moves like Jagger, but unless you’ve already tried it, you’ve probably never experienced a taste like Swagger. With an incredibly smooth and rich tobacco taste, those who’ve tried it say they taste a wide variety of subtle notes of flavor, from caramel and vanilla to hazelnut and even pralines. Don’t just believe our kitschy rhyme, try it for yourself!


Rounding out the list is our classic Clove flavor. A variation on the classic cigarette that is popular with many smokers, this taste captures the clove essence backed by a subtle tobacco undertone. Whether as the standard taste or served “On the Rocks” with menthol flavor, clove lovers are sure to find their new daily vape with our great Clove blend.

All of our tobacco flavors are available “On the Rocks,” providing that menthol bite and subtle chilling sensation for the summer months. Plus, don’t forget to check out our other great tobacco tastes, including the banana-tobacco blend of Curious George or the savory-sweet Peach Pit Tobacco. Wherever your flavor tastes lie, you’re sure to find an unbeatable taste with Pink Spot. Check out our full line of tobacco flavors today!