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Tricks & Treats of Vaping

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Hey, Halloween is this weekend!

If you haven’t already planned your costume, you better get started! While you’re out and about among the ghosts and ghouls, don’t forget your eCig and eJuice. Pink Spot Vapors has tons of seasonally delicious flavors to entice your vaping palate. Between our new Caramel Apple, and our tried and true flavors like Swagger and Pink Spot, you’ll be all set for this celebratory weekend.

Also be sure to brush up on your vape tricks to impress the crowds. When combined with your superbly executed Halloween costumes, you’ll definitely be the center of attention. Feel free to try some of these tricks at any point throughout the year. The costumes may be seasonal, but vaping tricks are always in.

Check out these tricks captured by Photographer MrAndrewFitzy. In this video you will see tricks such as, Tornados, Smoke Rings, and vapor bubbles. What are some of your signature vape tricks?

Vape Tricks Pink Spot

Once you’ve got your tricks mastered, it’s time to amp them up with some treats. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to try out some new flavors that you haven’t gotten to sample yet. Here are some of our favorite treat inspired flavors.

Peanut Butter Cup | I wish I had this juice in college when I was busy filling up on the real thing.

Strawburst | You can’t go wrong with explosions of juicy fruit flavors

Blue Raz | But really it’s pink… super trippy and super delicious.


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