Happy New Year! What Are Your Vaping Resolutions?

Quitting smoking is a popular New Years Resolution and for good reason! Smoking is a disgusting and unhealthy habit that causes wrinkles, bad breath and of course, cancer.  Many chose to stop smoking and start vaping in 2013, and as recent trends and the rise in popularity of vaping have indicted, many more will likely make the switch in 2014. This is great news!

resolutions for vapers

We thought we’d start the new year off right with a list of vaping-related New Years resolutions. The following are five of our favorites:

1. I will only buy quality e-liquid

There are a wide variety of ejuice sellers pushing unhealthy or dangerous eliquids. It’s therefore important to become an educated consumer; do the research, read company reviews and visit the store location if you can and talk to the employees who work there. Ask questions, especially regarding the ingredients and the facilities where the juice is mixed. You want to make sure your “high quality juice” is indeed high quality, which means only buying ejuice that’s made with pharmaceutical grade nicotine and which has been developed in a clean and sterile facility.

2. I will not support ejuice companies who sell to minors

Although many ejuice companies choose to police themselves, there is currently no law in place that prohibits retailers from selling ecigarette products to minors. As with anything, there are some ecigarette business owners that are more ethical than others. Make sure you’re purchasing from a company that has a strict “adult only” selling policy.

3. I will convince smokers to join the movement and start vaping

Some smokers may be scared to make the switch. They may be overwhelmed by the flavor choices and confused by the lingo (What does dripping mean? What’s a mod? ejuice-WHAT?). They may also be misinformed and may have heard rumors that eliquid is dangerous. Make it your New Years resolution to get your buddies off the cancer sticks by educating them. Because not only is vaping safe, but with flavors like gummi bear  or banana nut bread, it can be pretty fun, too.

4. I will join the fight for our right to vape

While Europe has recently passed some pro-vaping laws, the US has been slow to make the call.  As e cigarettes are still relatively new, business owners, law makers and the media are unsure how to categorize them. The myths circulating ecigs certainly hasn’t helped the situation any. Join the fight and write your local legislature.

5. I will vow to take my health seriously and leave smoking behind for good

If you haven’t stopped smoking completely, make 2014 the year that you do. You body – and your friends and family – will be glad that you did.

What about you? Got any vaping resolutions to add?