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THE SCIENCE OF VAPING | pink spot vapors

Remember that one time in science class when we all rolled our eyes and declared “but I’m never going to use this!” Well, I never did need to know the names of the various clouds in the sky (the clouds coming out of your device would be considered cumulus clouds). Though since I’ve begun vaping, I realize that science class was giving me the basics of everything I need to know to be an all-star vaper. We use chemistry when we concoct our eJuice; electric potential and circuits (Ohm’s Law) when we talk about building coils, and using batteries… physics… engineering… it’s all in there!

Now the reality is that when it comes to vaping, you can pretty much get away with completely ignoring everything you learned in high school science. If you want to really get into the technical aspects of building your own mech mods, calculating the ohm resistance of your coils, and becoming a vapor fanatic; you are going to have to nerd out. Check out some of these fantastically scientific videos that will help you along the way to becoming a better vaper.


Rebuilding Atomizers & Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s Law is essential to understand, when you want to get into mech mods. Building your own coils will give you optimal control over your vaping experience. This video from New Amsterdam Vape gets right into the math and science of it all. I never really did understand amps until I watched this. MATH!


How an Atomizer works!

Thinking about trying different gauges of wires? Check out VapePowered’s videos. He goes into detail about atomizers, coils, voltage, resistance, dual coils, sub ohm, etc. etc.