Vaping Takes the Stink Out of Smoking

stinkyThe vapor produced by e-cigarettes gives you near the same sensation as smoking traditional cigarettes, but without the effects of tobacco. This includes the yellowing of your skin, teeth, fingers and house. This is why vaping is accepted indoors at so many businesses across the country.

Years ago, traditional smoking was banned from public buildings and spaces, which exiled smokers from bars, restaurants and many other establishments. E-cigarettes can be used inside so many buildings and businesses for two reasons; they don’t produce damaging smoke nor do they produce secondhand smoke. In fact, there’s no smoke at all, only water vapor.

Tobacco smoke clings to and infuses into any type of fabric. Drapery, sofas, bedding, carpentry and anything that’s a porous surface is easily inundated by cigarette smoke. Even ceilings quickly turn yellow from tobacco smoke in smokers’ homes. Tobacco smoke and the chemicals it contains embeds itself into stone or sheetrock, and can never be removed. This scent will stay no matter if there’s new furniture, carpets or drapes.

While electronic cigarettes are still fairly new on the market, the initial testing shows they are significantly less damaging than their tobacco counterparts. A clean, fresh smelling home or office with no toxicity is reason enough to put down the lighter and pick up an e-cig.