7 Ways Vaping Will Help Your Relationship

Vaping isn’t just better for your health; it’s great for your love life, too. E-cigs have a number of wonderful affects on romantic relationships; here are just seven.

Couples that Vape Together, Stay Together

1. Vaping Encourages Communication

This is like Fight Club, only the exact opposite. The first rule of vaping is ALWAYS TALK ABOUT VAPING.

2. E-Cig is an Excellent Listener

Whenever there is trouble in paradise, you can count on E-Cig to sit and listen to all of your problems without interrupting once. It’s like therapy, except it’s not.

3. Vaping Helps Couples Improve $pending Habits

With your shared vaping lifestyle, you and your significant other will probably agree that it’s silly to spend money on frivolous purchases like food and health insurance when you have so many flavors of e-liquid to try. You know what relationship experts call this? Common ground.

4. You’ll Never Struggle Shopping for Your Partner Again

For every celebration for the rest of your love’s life, give the gift of vaping. Birthday? E-juice. Christmas? E-cigs. Anniversary? E-liquid. Vaping all day, everyday.

5. Your Breath Won’t Smell Like a Foot

When you used to puff on the cancer stick, it would smell like something crawled into your mouth and died. No bueno. With your e-cig, your partner will be so happy when sexy time rolls around. We give this two thumbs up.

6. E-Cig is Great to Cuddle With

Boyfriend’s out of town. You’re alone in bed. Guess who’s the big spoon? Don’t judge until you’ve tried it.

7. E-Cig Will Always Like Your Partner

It’s an accepted part of our culture that your friends have to like your boyfriend/girlfriend. Guess what? E-Cig will like them no matter what. Bye bye, friends!

If you’re looking for that tasty, high-quality e-juice to share with your loved one, pop in to any of our Las Vegas stores, order online, or simply give us a ring. And remember, a couple that vapes together, stays together. Vape on! 702-655-8273


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