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VG versus PG & all of that stuff…

VG versus PG Vaping eJuice

If you’re new to vaping, chances are you are already starting to hear a lot about VG and PG. They are two of the main ingredients in eJuice (also known as eLiquid) and they are the part of the equation that helps the juice turn to vapor. Every eLiquid on the market contains a mixture of PG and VG to some extent. But what is it exactly? What do they do? Well, we’re here to educate you!


VG Vegetable Glycerin MoleculeVegetable Glycerin is a thick, sweet tasting liquid. If you couldn’t already guess, it is derived from vegetables and is considered completely natural and safe. VG’s main purpose is to control the moisture level and stabilize the juice. It’s often used for the same purpose in foods and sweets that you probably eat every day! In fact, dairy products, pudding, soy products, pastas, bread, sauces, and some lunch meats contain vegetable glycerin. You can also find it in your makeup.

In terms of the vaping industry, vegetable glycerin tends to provide a vapor with a lingering flavor but less of a throat hit in 0 nic juices. Also- not all VG is created equal. Typically VG can be found cheaply in jugs at the local Walmart. A great VG will cost more and be graded to higher standards. At Pink Spot Vapors, we use the highest quality VG, and you’ll definitely notice when you vape our juices.


PG Proylene Glycol Vaping

Propylene Glycol is a thin liquid that is used in conjunction with VG to create perfect vapor. EJuice that contains higher levels of PG will allow the vaper to develop a deeper throat hit. Propylene Glycol is approved by the FDA to be used in foods and cosmetics.

Where else can you find propylene glycol? Ice cream contains PG to prevent ice crystals from developing and you can also find it in some artificial sweeteners.

Similar to vegetable glycerin, the quality of PG that is used to create various eLiquids will deeply effect your vape. There are various grades of PG that are used in antifreeze (and we understand everyone’s concern!) but in terms of vaping, the PG used in our eJuice is approved by the FDA for consumption. In fact, hospitals actually pump it through the air vents because of its value as an antibacterial. It’s completely safe to inhale and consume.

PG is important because it functions as a moisture retainer. It is what helps create that vapor that we crave. It’s also worth noting that PG contains antibacterial properties and it’s why you can let your eJuice steep without worrying that it’ll turn sour.

Propylene Glycol is so amazing actually, because without it, the flavors in your favorite eJuice would separate from the rest of the ingredients making it impossible to get a great vape.


Fun fact: you can also find it in the fog machines used at Halloween.

Pink Spot VG & PG

At Pink Spot, we use the highest quality ingredients available; pharma grade nicotine, U.S. food grade 100% kosher PG and VG, and food grade flavorings.

After years of trial and error, we’ve found that 60% VG and 40% PG is the way to go to get the smoothest vape every time. It’s how we craft all of our eJuice flavors with the exception of our Dripping Flavors line. For these flavors, we wanted to make them optimal for cloud chasers who are looking for the perfect drip. We amp up the mixture to maximum VG – which provides a thicker vapor with an excellent taste.

We’re pretty picky about our flavors and we understand that you are too. Did you know that you can customize your PG/VG ratio simply by asking? In store or online, we can accommodate most of your custom vapor requests. Just let us know!


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  1. scott warren

    can all your flavors be made 100% vg and if not which ones can you make that are 100% vg

    1. Pink Spot Vapors

      Scott, not all of our flavors can be 100% VG. We use a PG based nicotine. Some of our flavorings also contain a PG. We have a dripping line that is max VG which varies around the 90 – 95% VG level depending on the nic level.

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