Weight off my shoulders – part eight



What a huge weight off my shoulders. I had the date in my mind and decided I wouldn’t be buying anymore cigarettes. Just like that, no more smoking. I was excited when I decided in my last post a quit day. I did it out of frustration… when are you going to quit smoking? Have you quit smoking yet? Is the vaping not working? Tired and frustrated of answering those questions, made me pick the day!

I have been smoke-free for 10 days! Yes, 10 days! If I am being honest, it is a struggle. Not when I am at the office or at home really, but when I am out and about and catch a whiff of a cigarette. That makes me really want to light up. I wonder if I will ever think that smell stinks. I read all the time that the smell of cigarettes makes former smokers sick and they can’t stand the smell of it. I wonder if I will ever have that reaction.

So yeah, 10 days no cigarettes for me and my husband! We are both alive (lol) and I am really looking forward to being a former smoker.

Keep you posted on my good days and bad days 😊