What Can Affect E-cig Flavors?

The world of e-cigarettes and e -liquid is more complex than smoking conventional cigarettes. While people tend to have their preferred brand of old fashioned cigarette, the flavor is more or less the same. With e-cigarettes not only are there dozens upon dozens of different flavors, but the taste can vary greatly depending on a broad range of factors. Whether you’re new to vaping or you’ve been making the healthier choice for years, read ahead to find out what can affect the flavor of your e-cig.

why does my e-cig taste funny

1. Nicotine Level

E-liquids and e-cigarettes are manufactured with a range of nicotine levels. A strong e-liquid contains around 24mg of nicotine and can be compared in taste to a strong cigarette like a Marlboro Red. As you descend in nicotine strength, the levels are comparable to full flavored cigarettes, lights, ultra lights. E-cigs with zero nicotine remain a satisfying experience, though their tobacco flavor is much more subtle. Nicotine levels affect what’s known as “throat hit,” that feeling in the back of your throat and in your lungs from a conventional cigarette. This sensation provides much of the satisfaction for smokers, and the higher the nicotine level in your e-cig the better the throat hit.

2. Using a Brand New Atomizer

The atomizer, the part of your e-cig that produces the vapor, can affect the flavor of your vaping experience. Some users complain that brand new atomizers can have a bitter or metallic taste. This is a result of manufacturing and machining residues. To fix this you can use your brand new atomizer a few times without inhaling and you’ll soon notice that the bitter, metallic taste disappears.

3. A Gunked up Atomizer

A burned or bitter taste can also be the result of buildup in the e-cigarettes atomizer coil. When the atomizer is too dirty, the coil will burn the gunk and produce a bad taste. However, there’s no need to throw away your atomizer, a simple rinsing will get rid of most the buildup. In extreme cases, you will have to remove the filler and heat up the coil until the residue is charred and easier to remove.

4. Menthol Mouth

Some users complain that vaping with large amounts of menthol flavored e-liquids can deaden your taste buds for a period of time. This can lead to your e-cig becoming tasteless until you stop using menthol.

5. Quitting Smoking

One well-known side effect of smoking is that it weakens your perception of taste. When you stop smoking and start vaping, your taste begins to return. As a result, sometimes your tastebuds can be overstimulated, preventing you from tasting just about anything for awhile. These periods usually end on their own and are a normal part of adjustment to life after smoking.


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6. Dehydration

E-cigarettes contain humectants which tend to dry out your mouth. When your mouth becomes dehydrated, a film can develop on your tongue, standing in the way of flavor. If you’re going to vape, be sure to drink plenty of water to combat the drying effects of humectants.

7. Illness

If you can’t taste your e-cigarette, it might not have anything to do with the product itself, or the effects of vaping. A cold, flu, or sinus congestion can dramatically reduce your perception of taste. Remember, smell is an important part of taste, so any congestion will make you less sensitive. There’s not much you can do about this except getting better.

8. Repetition

If you’ve found an e-liquid that you love, you might find yourself vaping with it almost nonstop. When you constantly expose your tastebuds to the same flavor, you will build up a level of immunity. It becomes background noise for you tongue. To fix this, try switching up flavors

The important thing when considering e-cigarette flavors is to note that it may take awhile before you find the flavors, products, and practices that create the best vaping experience. Learn the facts and don’t let a few bad puffs send you back to conventional cigarettes. Happy Vaping!



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