What Is In E Liquid?

There’s a lot of concern about what’s in the products we consume these days. This concern naturally extends to the topic of e-cigarettes, with many people wondering what is really inside the e liquid that they are vaping. We can’t speak for all e-cigarette manufacturers, but we want you to know exactly what’s in our product so you can feel even better using our high quality e juice.

Our secret formula

e cig formula

As the base for our e liquid we use a mixture of 60% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 40% propylene glycol (PG). Both of these are United States Pharmacopeia grade and kosher, making them the highest quality e liquid on the market. PG is used in a wide variety of consumer products, including many food products, and is approved by the FDA for human consumption. Because it retains water, it has been used to deliver atomized substances in many things, such as asthma inhalers and nebulizers since the 1950s. At Pink Spot Vapors, all of the nicotine in our e juices is PG-based. Using this substance not only allows you to get more nicotine than you would from analogs, but it also doesn’t need to be heated as it does in tobacco.

VG is a carbohydrate found in many plants and is used in everyday products such as foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical drugs. It has also been deemed safe for human consumption by the FDA. E-cigarette bases made with both PG and VG produce more vapor and less of a “throat hit” than those made only with PG, giving users a more satisfying and flavorful experience.

Besides PG and VG, the only additional ingredients in our products are US food-grade flavorings. There’s no alcohol, artificial colorings, vitamin supplements or any other additives in our e liquids, like many of our competitors include in theirs. Come to Pink Spot Vapors for your next e liquid purchase, and experience the difference of our great tasting and high quality e juices!