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What Kind of Vaper Are You?

What Kind of Vaper Are You?

Are you a Stealth Vaper, using your ecigarette on the sly, or are you a big-time vape user, a real Cloud Chaser who is always seeking the biggest puff possible? Answer our latest quiz honestly and find out!

 Leave us a comment below and let us know what kind of vaper you are! Happy vaping!


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  1. sammie

    it was hard to answer the questions we are retired and both of us use the e-cig it was the only way we could quit smoking and can really tell a big difference in our breathing since we don’t use cigerettes my husband uses a lower number on his liquid (which we get from you) i need something alot stronger i have to feel it at the back of my throat or it doesn’t work for me so i get a real high number and we both have alot of smoke when using them and carry them all the time extra’s if going to be gone for most of the day thank you for your good service

  2. EZV

    I’m a stealth vaper! I think I should be happy with the result right since most of the times I want to vape alone. It doesn’t mean that I’m a loner or something, I do vape with my friends too but there are times that I want to feel the moment and keep the flavor to myself before I could share the experience to others.

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