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World’s most expensive e-cigarette is made of diamonds, costs $900,000

e-cigarette-covered-in-246-diamondsOne of the benefits of electronic cigarettes is their affordability, yet even e-cigs can be made into luxury items. Today, e-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes. Custom e-cigs are even gaining popularity. Recently, a Russian oil tycoon ordered a one-of-a-kind vaporizer decorated with gold, diamonds and Swarovski crystals. It was custom made by a British e-cigarette maker called Shisha Sticks. In the end, the customer paid £550,000 for his device, which amounts to about $890,000. It is being called the most expensive e-cigarette in the world.

E-cigarettes are an electronic alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but they are significantly different products. Since e-cigarettes are technically vaporizers, they do not create actual smoke. The device features a heating element, or atomizer, that is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The heating element then vaporizes eLiquid, also known as eJuice, and the user inhales the vapor.

For many vapers, even mainstream e-cigarette companies, such as Green Smoke, can seem overly expensive. But for this client, half a million British pounds was no problem. It was made clear to the company that money was no object for this project. Anthony Mixides of Shisha Sticks said, “This was a dream brief for us. We were asked to design the ultimate shisha vaping device for class, style and luxury.”

Once the client approved the design, the makers began sourcing their materials. The masterpiece, which took four and a half months to create, is laden with 246 two-carat clear crystal diamonds, each worth £1,800 ($2,900), and 46 yellow Swarovski crystals. The clearomizer features a solid gold base and is made of authentic hand-blown Murano glass. And last but not least, even the battery is of the highest caliber, featuring a six-karat oval diamond worth £46,000 ($75,000) and a gold button.

The Russian billionaire who commissioned the piece demanded “nothing but the best,” according to one source. The e-cig was said to be an extravagant birthday present for his girlfriend who wanted to give up smoking. To an everyday e-cig user, this bejeweled device may appear lavish, but Shisha Sticks saw it as the opportunity of a lifetime. The final creation was named the “Shisha Sticks Sofia.”