Black Mamba Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

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Black Mamba E-Liquid

In the wild, the Black Mamba is known for its lethal poison. At Pink Spot Vapors, the Black Mamba e-liquid is known as a fierce blend of blackberry and cranberry flavors with a splash of citrus. Both have a serious bite. Black Mamba is just one of our many signature e-Juice flavors.

We craft this viciously blended e-Liquid to be the best, using a 60VG/40PG ratio.

Happy Vaping!

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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58 reviews for Black Mamba Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. Blaze

    Great flavor. love the way none of the flavors are overpowering you get a even mix, tasts like a martini.

  2. Neo

    This juice is awesome. Great flavor and great vapor. This is giving Pink Spot juice a run for it money.

  3. camden Smith

    i got this as a free sample with my second order and instantly tied with pink spot for my all day vape.

  4. thomas

    Man the mamba is just so tasty. It is now my fav. any the people at pink spot are just so cool. 10-10 no way around it the best juice i have ever used!

  5. Sandy

    This tastes just like an alcoholic beverage! I looove it so much! I could vape this all day every day and not feel tipsy. 😉 It really tastes great!!! I taste citrus and that’s what I like. I got this as a free sample in my order. Thank you Pinkspot!

  6. Matthew Lowery

    I got this today as a sample with my first order. This stuff is gonna give pinkspot a run for the money….its that good, and Ive been vaping pinkspot all day and night, mmmmmmmmmmm. So I decided to hit the mamba, glad I did, this one is gonna be a go to juice for me, keep it up guys, this is the best juice I have found yet and cant wait for me and my wife to sample all of your juices.

  7. Jordan

    Recommended to me by owners and have to say. Unbelievable. If you don’t like this flavor, your taste buds are shot. A must have all day vape

  8. Chase

    seriously this is my allday vape. it is by far my fav! I havent met anyone who has not enjoyed this flavor. anytime somone wants to try my e cig i let them try it with black mamba and everone I know loves this flavor

  9. Paul Clay

    got this as a free sample with my staple juice washington red apple. I must say I like it alot. I tried Pink Spot, but it was to tangy citrusy. This is good

  10. Steven M.

    Wow, this stuff is sooooooooooo good! This might just be my new all day vape. Such a variety of flavors. Reminds me of the Pink Spot but slightly different. Either way I think you will love it.

  11. Jim

    I absolutely love the blackberry headliner in this juice! Very tasty, very smooth. Easily an all day vape out of the 22 flavors I have currently tried from Pink Spot. This flavor is definitely on my permanent re-order list!

  12. Marty V

    I got this as a free sample from the kind people of pink spot. I have to say it very very good. Nice a hint of fruitiness. Good for outside vaping.

  13. cheyenne parris

    Great cranberry flavor, fruity but not too sweet. Says blackberry is the headliner but blackberry is mostly just sweetness when paired with other flavors, still very good.

  14. Theresa Doster

    once in a while, as AMAZING as pink spot & blu spot are, they can seem a bit tart… that’s when I reach for black mamba.

  15. Mary Boley-Finley

    I’m just not a fan of the alcoholic vape flavors. If smoking cocktails is your thing then this might be for you.

  16. Jake

    This stuff is awsome! Very sweet and delicious. A little light on the TH but the flavor makes up for it. BUY IT

  17. Pete

    Black Mamba On the Rocks is unreal, sweet and cool and all around awesome, very complex, layered sweetness and tart citrus flavors that somehow aren’t cloying or competing. Love it!

  18. Sarah

    I got this juice “on the rocks”. It sort of reminds me of a cough drop, but in a soothing good way. I have a touch of a cold today and I found this one very comforting on my throat. Don’t let my cough drop description deter you this juice is great

  19. Carmine Dorsi

    This flavor tastes exactly like my favorite drink they sell at Applebees. Its called a grateful dead. I am sure they make it other places but its dead on. This juice is awesome!!

  20. ANjELO

    Easily.. HANDSDOWN… my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE juice of all time. Just got my first sample packs and couldn’t wait to try it. I got it “on the rocks.” I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!

  21. Alejandro Ros

    Superb!!! Not an all day Vape for me but more like a treat after dinner. Really, really good.

  22. David Rauch

    Hard to describe, but good.

  23. OH YEAH!

    As an Asian person, I gotta say this kind of tastes like those incense sticks my parents used to burn when they prayed. I think its because of the citrus in it. I get kind of a lime peel after taste. This is just my opinion so don’t decide just on my one review.

  24. Piper On The Rocks

    I bought a sample pack of several flavors. I like some of them but this one by far is my favorite. The instant I tried it I knew I was hooked! I cant explain it at all except that it is wonderfully delicious. It’s like a cocktail, little fruity but with a hint of mint. I got it On The Rocks which means with menthol. I will buy this over and over again. I adore this flavor! Highly Addicted!!!

  25. Kim Hoganson

    I loved this flavor great after taste I bought a medium size wished I would of bought a 30ml I will buy this again!!!!

  26. Lynne

    I can’t quite identify the flavors in this one, but it’s very refreshing. I ordered it ‘on the rocks’, and found that I enjoy it in the morning. Only negative is that after I vape this for any length of time the flavor somewhat changes. Not an ‘all-dayer’, but great in smaller doses.

  27. Bryan

    I got this on the rocks, and its not bad just not my cup of tea. Flavor is muted and a little to sweet for me. I love Limedrop

  28. Ryan Kruze

    I tried this out of a variable voltage battery with a dual coil tank, and did not try another flavor for days! I got this as a sample, and is currently on my wish-list. It is sweet, and tangy, with a great throat/ chest hit. Reminds me of Pirate’s Booty in a way- next time I’ll get more to share!

  29. Thomas Eberth

    I love this flavor and always find myself returning to it. Black Mamba is very refreshing, with great vapor production! Pink Spot does eliquid like no other :]


    I definitly liked this one but must agree with those who felt like it changed over time or that it was hard to distinguish the fruity flavors. It didn’t knock me off my feet.

  31. Anonymous

    Not a huge fan of this straight up, though I expected to be. I DIY’d “on the rocks” with a little menthol juice I got from elsewhere, and the menthol mellows out the flavors very nicely. If I order again, I’ll definitely have them make it on the rocks for me.

  32. Andrew

    I agree with another review here that you should get this “on the rocks”. I don’t even typically vape menthol flavors but it really brings out this juice’s flavors.

  33. Adam

    Hands down my favorite flavor of the at least 25+ I’ve tried from PSV. I always get it “On the rocks” and have never tried it without. Very cool and refreshing, complex black cherry/citrus flavor. Great vapor production and just the right amount of throat hit to keep you satisfied. Great in 18 or 12mg and as an all day vape for me.

  34. Victoria

    No idea what a martini is supposed to taste like, but this most def wants to be in a drink! Awesome flavor, good aftertaste even!

  35. Joseph Perea

    I was taken back the first time I vaped on Mamba. Just wasn’t expecting the intensity. I must say this is a sophisticated flavor, but you have to be in the mood. At least I do. I get a craving for it here and there but not something I can vape on all day. I understand the concept of this juice but it’s not quite there for me. I’m sure there are several of you that would enjoy it immensely.

  36. Aries Elmer Villasis

    Definitely Delish! It came with a free Blue spot Delish!

  37. Danielle Casey

    This is my #1 All Day Vape and has been for over 1 1/2 years now. I buy this in the 120ml size bottle and make sure I never run out. Love the sweet blackberry, the tart cranberries and the nice citrus bite. Love, love, love it!

  38. [email protected]

    Got this “on the rocks” and love it. Tastes like blackberries and cranberries with menthol. Will be my ADV for a while.

  39. [email protected]

    so, i received my sampler yesterday and was initially shocked at how small the bottles were. black mamba (otr per the advice i read here) was the ‘freebie’ i chose, but the first one i tried.

    um, WOW … just, WOWWWW.

    i’ve since tried pink spot and am just blown away by the quality of these juices. can’t wait to try the others, and even though these are pricier than what i’m accustomed to, i will definitely order again!

  40. Daniel

    I bought this off the shelf at my local vape shop, not knowing what was in it, only tasing it and liking it. It was not until much later that I learned what the flavors were. Strange thing is, I don’t like blackberries or cranberries, but I really like this Black Mamba mixed in with my tobacco flavors. Has a nice bite, I really like it!

  41. [email protected]

    Just received my 1st order & I’m blown away! I’m thrilled w/ Black Mamba!

  42. Carla

    I’m new to vaping and Pink Spot was my very first online order of ejuice. I’m thrilled! I ordered on a Friday and it got here on the Monday after. Astounding service and packaging. Black Mamba was the very first I pulled out to try (based on reviews) and I couldn’t wait. No steeping on this one. It’s good right out of the bottle. I can’t say what it would taste like after steeping as I know this won’t last me long as I can’t stop vaping it! I definitely taste cranberries and blackberries in the inhale. On the exhale I taste rum, I think? Not overpowering in the least. I got it on the rocks. This is just beautiful. Pink Spot has a new, happy customer 😀

  43. Jon

    Why oh why does my sample bottle have to be so small??? I tried this and want it all day, but unfortunately I have to wait till payday to order me a big bottle. On the rocks is a must. This and Swagger will absolutely be in my future orders.

  44. Robert

    This is just outstanding!!!!!!!! Wish I would have bought it by the gallon. I’ll have to cut this review short as I am currently vaping myself into a coma. I love it and my ”second hand ” vapor victims are demanding I hit it even harder.

  45. [email protected]

    Addicted! Pink Spot was the first company I ordered from, and I got the sampler pack. I was new to vaping, and really wanted to find out what I was into before I started buying large bottles of juice. Black Mamba was the only one in the pack I ordered “on the rocks,” based on reading reviews. Wow! I am soooo glad I ordered it and sooooo glad I listened to the reviewers who said to get it “on the rocks.” I was never a menthol smoker. I am not even really a big fan of blackberry or cranberry. But this stuff is perfect! I vape it with my standard eGo with a Vision Clearomizer (CE4, CE6). The berry flavor comes off as refreshing and not dark and creamy. I’m sure that’s due in part to the menthol. The inhale is crisp and sweet, while the exhale is cool and refreshing. I don’t really detect the citrus, unless that’s part of what makes it a little crisp. Since receiving my Pink Spot order, I have gone a little crazy ordering TONS of juices from numerous vendors. I find myself craving Black Mamba while I’m vape-testing new flavors. I find myself craving Black Mamba while I’m laying in bed at night trying to sleep. I crave it while I’m at work and looking forward to my coffee break. In other words, TRY IT! Get it “on the rocks” as recommended by so many others, and prepare to shop for a giant tank so you can take it with you everywhere!

  46. Alex

    One of the best juices I have ever tasted. Cool, refreshing and just plain Yummy

  47. [email protected]

    I never, ever thought I would be able to find a fruit-based vape that I could tolerate for more than 15 minutes without feeling like I OD’d on gummi bears. I also would never, ever have believed that I would like a blackberry or cranberry flavor profile. But there’s something magical about this combination! I love to vape this, hold in my mouth for a sec or two, then exhale. It is crisp and tangy and the menthol is a perfect complement. I will most definitely be reordering this in a big ol size! For those of you who like a frame of reference, this reminds me of Tart n Tiny candy from the 70s and 80s, with a little bit of Zots thrown in. Trust your fellow vapers who have reviewed this, and give it a whirl, even if it goes against your first instinct to avoid it based on the flavors listed. It’s outstanding!

  48. Vanesas

    Very good, Went to a local Vape store and they a lot of flavors, and Black mamba stood out! And I had to get it!… I love it! I sometimes mix it with blueberry and it’s delicious! But i do get some after taste in my throat… But other than that I will definitely get some more.

  49. [email protected]

    Hmmm. First, I need to say that, as a vape newbie, Pink spot has earned themselves a customer for as long as I am vaping. I LOVE my order so far, this is the only juice that I am on the fence about. It vapes nice at 24mgs of nic- great throat hit and tons of vapor. I am not sure is this juice needs to be steeped, but fresh out of the bottle, this tastes (to me) like…. cherry menthol cough drops. It’s not awful, by any means, it’s just not what I was expecting. This flavor has a TON of loyal followers, so I am absolutely certain that this is just a matter of preference. I think I have discovered that I am partial to tobacco flavors, and warm, creamy desert flavors like apple pies and butterscotches and pastries and buttery vanillas.
    No matter though- I will steep the bottle, and finish it. I LOVE Pink Spot’s Juices!!
    *****I am giving it 5 stars because of the wonderful quality- it performs awesome, and the flavor isn’t chemical-y or weak. I just don’t think it’s fair to rate the juice horribly based on an issue with my PERSONAL flavor preference. *****

  50. Damien

    I’ve only tried this from a 6ml sample bottle, twice, and I’m hooked. Delicious aniseed to vape all day. Next shop will include a big bottle of this guy. Lovin’ the PSV in Aus..

  51. [email protected]

    This is my go to e-juice. it’s delicious smooth and wonderful all through. Hands down the best ejuice I’ve ever had the liberty to vape. THANK YOU PSV, you guys rock. pls keep it up!

  52. Ragge

    This juice has one big issue… It’s so good I can’t put it down. Starting to think this is a problem with most PSV juices. Thanks for making this stuff 😀

  53. Crystal Snyder (verified owner)

    I have tried this twice as a sample. I have to say this is very smooth and very enjoyable. I have tried most the flavors PSV has to offer and sometimes it is hard to pick just one. It’s hard to have one favorite so yes this one has joined my list of FAVS. I however have to say, I think this one is a lot smoother then Alberberry blend. So if you have tried that and liked it you will like this one too. (P.S. The staff of PSV are also fun, helpful and incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to their products) You guys rock ~ Thumbs up ~ Keep rockin!

  54. yesyeah

    Delicious. Fruity. Think, “white gummi bear” flavor. Big fan.

  55. Dord Belgube

    It says the flavors are “blackberry, cranberry, and citrus,” but I don’t taste any of that. It’s less fruity and more of a fruit-candy flavor. Not what I expected, but very good if you like candy. It reminds me of Smarties, with their dry texture and sweet, tart, strong flavors. I give it a 5 because it’s very good if this is what you’re into.

  56. Dojomojo

    Dude this shot is hype my go to vape 60/40 ratio and 34 mil of nicotine is the way to go and some gin on the rocks for a side bitch thsts spicy

  57. Shant Kachadorian

    This product scared me by the name but once I took a hit of Black Mamba the flavor was kicking. Highly recommend to anyone that likes the fruit flavored juice.

  58. Dragon

    I’ve been vaping this flavor for years now with 36mg of nicotine and “On the Rocks”. For years, with only a few times that I grew tired of it for a day or two. Needles to say, I love this flavor!

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