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Cherry Limeade Cocktail Drink E-Juice Flavor

While Cherry Limeade e-Liquid by Pink Spot won’t quench your thirst, it will satisfy that craving for a refreshing vape. A perfect blend of sweet cherry and tart citrus creates happiness for your taste buds. Cherry Limeade is truly one of our trophy e-Liquid flavors.

We expertly craft Cherry Limeade and all of our other cocktail and drink e-Juice flavors in our state of the art Las Vegas facilities. We use the best ingredients to give you an amazing vape.

Happy Vaping!

This flavor has been reformulated and optimized for Tobacco-Free Nicotine exclusively.

WARNING: This products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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27 reviews for Cherry Limeade Flavor | Reformulated for Tobacco-Free Nicotine

  1. Andrea

    Received as a sample with my order. It’s light and refreshing. Made an order!

  2. Sandy

    Seriously! It’s THAT good! I need gallons!!! I wish Pinkspot had a milk gallon with Cherry Limeade. LOL. I love Cherry Limeade! Get this one. You won’t be disappointed. :o)

  3. Stevan Parojcic

    This is the first juice I tried from my sample pack and the description is dead on. This is exactly like a Sonic Cherry Limeade. It’s amazing. The best cherry vape I have ever had!!! Thank you Pink Spot!

  4. Whit

    I usually don’t go for a vape that has cherry in it. I don’t know why..just how I am. I definitely LOVE this flavor! It tastes identical to a Sonic Cherry Limeade! My husband and I used the sample we got really quickly and are ordering a large bottle! I add a little menthol to it and it helps me beat this Memphis heat!

  5. Theresa Doster

    Since I really like all the lemon and/or lime based juices from PS, w/o ever trying it I went straight for the 30ml on my order. Good thing it didn’t disappoint! But…. raspberry lemonade is still my fave.

  6. Mike

    Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better when Fuzzy Navel was released this came out. Probably the best lime vape flavor I’ve ever had. I normally do not like cherry at all whether it be in ejuice, fruit or drinks. That all changed when I started vaping this. It’s an amazing combination of flavors. Very intense lime and enough cherry to make it really interesting but not overpowering. Great summer vape.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m not big on the fruity taste but one taste of this and i cant stop. It quickly became my favorite flavor and the only problem is all my friends steal my vape because its that good.

  8. OH YEAH!

    This flavor is so good!!! This is gonna be my new everyday vape! I’ve tried a few of the other flavors and this is the best so far!

  9. Vapor Labs – Melissa

    So when I put this one into my sample pack, it was one I wasn’t thrilled about. Most cherry vapors are never up to par. This one blew me away though. It tastes exactly like a cherry limeade from Sonic! I finished this bottle off in two days.

  10. Stacy

    I had this put “on the rocks” and the flavors stood out above the menthol and was well blend together and was delicious and perfect on a hot day. I enjoyed the chilling effect and very yummy cherry limeade.

  11. Jesse M

    My first eliquid that I enjoy a lot and for a long time. I use on eGo Twist a little at 3.8 volts and really enjoy it.

  12. E-Cig Advanced

    I was pleasantly surprised that the cherry flavor was so strong! I’ve heard that this is a very hard flavor to get right. I love the hint of lime along with it, gives it that sweet but tart taste. I agree with the description that it tastes just like a sonic slush. I would give this juice a big thumbs up!

  13. Anonymous

    By far my favorite flavor I have tried yet.

  14. Ian

    I’m new to vaping, and after trying a tobacco flavor from another company and finding it unimpressive, I thought I’d give Pink Spot a try. Bought a sample pack, and the first one I tried was the cherry limade on the rocks. So delicious… Definitely what people mean when they say an all-day vape.

  15. Anonymous

    Somehow they even got that (what I think of as) powdered limeade flavor that all good fast-food-joint limeade drinks have (Sonic, Arctic Circle, and local mom & pop places specifically). A nice blend of flavors and strength!

  16. Photon

    I’m soo into Cherry Limeade. An all day vape? Yup. You gotta try this or you’re missing something special. Good TH, Good Vapor, Goood Flavor.

  17. Andrew

    I loved this at first but after a while it lost it’s flavor balance and started to taste a little perfumy.

  18. Joseph

    I don’t know why, but this and ‘bing cherry’ taste like licorice to me. I tried bing several months ago, but decided to give this a try. Was looking for a cherry flavor with a little more bite. This was not it. I had better luck with a cherry flavor I liked from another place, and mixed with pinkspot’s lemon drop. That gave me something a bit closer to what I was looking for.

  19. Thomas Young-Osborne

    I love this stuff, it’s great. But it will eat plastic tanks.

  20. andy

    This could be an awesome juice but the cherry in there is very muted.

  21. Chasen

    I’ve been slowly working through Pink Spot’s vast catalog of flavors & Cherry Limeade is actually one of my favorites. I’d first tasted the pink spot lime from blu spot & can’t stop craving it. Although the lime is a bit more distinct than some may prefer, to me it’s the perfect amount. This is one of my all day vapes & I can’t see myself without it now.

  22. Montana

    Just thought it would be a nice flavor and got a little bottle of it. Now I cant get enough of it. It’s light and refreshing and tastes amazing! Great choice if u like the fruity drink flavors!!!

  23. suspectk

    This is my favorite flavor. A lot of people that I know that have tried it say it’s too much, but I say nay. It’s so sweet, but it doesn’t have that sickening sweetness that most sweeter vapes have. If sonic could mimic this flavor, I’d buy their cherry limeade.

  24. Hannah

    Lovin this flavor! Highly recommend it.

  25. Nathan Martin (verified owner)

    One of my favorite liquids right now. It is very true to a real cherry limeade, much like Sonics! Super refreshing, especially at lower ohms. Can easily vape this all day.

  26. adrian sauls (verified owner)

    Second time buying. Cherry flavor is very light when first arriving but I know after afew weeks it comes out more. Bought a small vial of max vg as well and all I can say is wow, there’s no flavor diminishing like with some companies and the clouds are huge. Very very recommended for anyone who wants a nice light dripping flavor.

  27. Andrea Atwood

    Yum, in my top 10 Pink Spot flavors! (I ONLY buy Pink Spot locally, made fresh while I wait, can’t beat it!)

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